I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m extremely self-conscious about my smile. I always have been.

Look back on any photo of me and I can’t help but do the ‘closed mouth smile’ thing. Don’t get me wrong – my teeth are OK. But, there was a time when they weren’t.

Growing up as a kid, I used to get teased. A lot.

You see, I didn’t have the straightest of teeth. In fact, they were pretty, well, shit. Now, let me think: what was it that boy I stupidly had a crush on used to call me..? Bucky Beaver. Yeaaaah, nice.

Since then, however, I took several courses of action. I had braces at 16 (thanks mum and dad!) and while I had to maintain a face full of metal during the most awkward pubescent stage of life, they certainly did the job.

Then, my teeth had their first bout of relapse. Call it laziness but I was young, stupid and not as diligent with wearing my retainer as I should have been after having braces. So, it’s probably no surprise that my teeth didn’t take too long before they went back to their crooked self.

A few years later, I decided to get Invisalign. It straightened my teeth quick smart and no one (and I mean no one!) was none the wiser. But, again, I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been. Ah, hindsight: it’s a funny thing, isn’t it?

By now, you’re probably thinking, “She’s crazy! Her teeth are straight!”. But, let me tell you, you’re wrong. From my profile, yes, my teeth look white, bright and in perfect alignment but front on, they’re far from it.

I see myself as a happy person. I love to laugh but I also hate catching myself mid-roar and quickly closing my mouth out of insecurity.

So, to put this post simply, I’ve decided to do something about my teeth – which is essentially my self-confidence – to create the smile of my dreams, once and for all.

Recently, Invisalign approached me about undergoing treatment and unsurprisingly, I quite literally jumped at the chance! My local experienced Invisalign provider came up with four different Invisalign treatment plans for me to choose from. One of them included a tooth extraction, which suffice to say, was quickly dismissed (mostly because I’m a wuss!). And, instead, I signed off on a 12 month treatment plan.

So, what exactly will the next year involve?

Invisalign, the clear, nearly-invisible retainers – which change every fortnight – are designed to straighten teeth 24/7. As you replace each aligner, your teeth move little by little, week by week, until they have straightened to the final position. What’s more, the moulds are clear, comfortable and above all, removable (which makes them ideal for someone like me who attends so many lunch meetings, dinner events or makes television appearances for my job).

And the best part? The virtual treatment plan generated by Align Technology’s unique software shows the series of movements your teeth go through over the course of the treatment. So basically, I already know what my teeth will look like by the end of the treatment! It’s kind of like shopping for a new smile.

Over the next 12 months, I’ll be sharing progress updates on both GRITTYpretty and my Instagram and by this time next year (fingers crossed!) you won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face!

Are you thinking of getting Invisalign?

Or have you had it already?

Tell me, what did you think?

Are you happy with your smile?


Orthodontic Adviser

Hey, how is the treatment going? Just soemthing that may help your followers decide if Invisalign is right for them is where they can get unbiased information and also receive an online consultation and treatment plan. Hope the treatment goes well and looking forward to seeing the results!


Your smile really is the window to your personality and I had the same problem, never wanting to show my teeth, being self conscious etc. Thanks to braces I have a smile which I'm proud to show off! I'm not sure whether you're doing invisalign through an Orthodontist or dentist, but definitely enquire about getting a TMA bonded to the back of your teeth. It's a retainer which is glued to the back of your front six teeth, top and bottom, which ensures that those pesky teeth do not move! Good luck x


I can totally relate! I have always had crooked teeth, mainly cuz I don't have enough space in my mouth for all my teeth. But at 22 I took the plunge and got metal braces, I'm actually less self conscious of my smile now with them on than I was before. Even though its a huge adjustment I have never been so excited. Many people have said I didn't need to have braces, but I was insecure and I felt they needed to be fixed. I will probably be smiling ear to ear much like the chesire cat

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