October 26, 2023

Here’s The New Category Shaking Up The Beauty Industry

by ELEANOR PENDLETON - In partnership with Hismile

Discover the game changing beauty product that is sure to leave you smiling with confidence.

If you had asked me, say 12 or 13 years ago, when I was working as a beauty editor at a popular women’s lifestyle magazine that sadly is no longer in print, “What would be one of the most challenging beauty topics to write about?” I would’ve said two things for the simple reason that they’re not considered very ‘sexy’: scalp care and dental care. Cute, no?

Previously, these two basic but very essential parts of our daily beauty and grooming regimens have been considered boring. The latter (being teeth) has been a category dominated by oral giants such as Colgate and Oral B thanks to the cheesy grins of TV actors for what seems like millennia. That is, until Hismile–the Australian success story–flipped the smile care category on its head.

Today, Hismile is undoubtedly the leader in ‘smilecare’ with its range of popular and affordable flavoured toothpastes as well as at-home and in-chair teeth whitening. For this reason, Hismile has become a staple in the bathrooms of some of the biggest names in the world. But, it’s the brand’s viral V34 Colour Corrector Serum, which has likely made its way through the Meta algorithm and onto your screen, that is really making waves. Why? We enlisted Professor Laurence Walsh, Scientific Advisor for Hismile, to explain.

“The concept of the shade correction dye is based on the principles of light reflection from the surfaces of teeth. Natural teeth fundamentally absorb blue and violet light, and reflect red and yellow light. This is why they appear yellow,” explains Professor Walsh. Adding, “Applying a mixture of a red and a blue dye changes this reflection pattern, so now the tooth surface reflects back blue and violet light, making the tooth appear brighter and less yellow, for as long as the dyes remain bound to the tooth surface.”

If you haven’t seen the V34 Colour Corrector Serum in all its TikTok glory, then here’s a two minute recap. The bright purple solution works to brighten teeth by utilising colour correcting technology. By counter-balancing the different hues in your teeth, V34 conceals stains and improves brightness. Think of it as a purple shampoo for blondes to prevent strands from turning brassy, but for teeth. Professor Walsh says, “For this to work properly, you need the right dyes, and they must be water-soluble so that they can bind onto the layer of saliva which naturally covers tooth surfaces in the mouth.”

Now while the simple concept of a shade altering dye has been around for some time in special tints that dentists use when placing tooth coloured fillings on front teeth, it has never been developed into a successful commercial product that people in the community can apply themselves onto teeth to give a worthwhile instant result… that is until Hismile created V34. “Other toothpaste companies have experimented with a purple dye, but that is not water-soluble, and does not give the instant benefits that you see with the V34 serum,” says Walsh.

Do you want to see visible proof that colour correcting serums are the new cosmetic concealer for teeth? Read the reviews and see the before and after images here.


Have you tried Hismile’s V34 Colour Correcting Serum? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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