When you walk out of the gym, you feel good. You feel accomplished. You feel like you’ve just run a marathon and maybe that’s because you just did (go you!).

With the right multi-tasking products, your post-sweat sesh can be a quick, painless road to cleanliness.

Here, you’ll find the products that I store in my gym bag to keep myself looking and feeling fresh before, during, and after exercise. My workout of choice? A mix of reformer pilates, yoga and light walks.

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TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
Can’t wash your hair after a workout? Don’t want to look like a hot mess? No problem! Use a dry shampoo spray. It will absorb any sweat from your hair and add the needed volume you may have lost while working out.

Uriage Eau Thermal Water Spray
After a workout, you can be hot and bothered. If your skin tends to turn quite red during exercise, keep it cool with a mist of refreshing thermal spring water. The best part is you can’t overdose on it – it’s especially good for sensitive, irritated or broken skin.

Alexander Wang x H&M Crop Top
A sports bra or crop top must provide comfort and support when exercising. This limited edition crop top from the recent Alexander Wang x H&M collection adds an edgy look to my fitness style.

The truth is I’m not much of a runner but in the off chance that I do decide to sweat it out on the pavement, Levels by Avicii, Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ray Lewis and Black Skinhead by Kanye West are the top 3 of my high-intensity music playlist. At the other end of the spectrum, if I’m meditating or doing yoga, Edo & Jo and Om Namah Shivaya mantra are my go-tos.

Lady Jayne Hair Elastics
Somehow, no matter how many elastic bands we buy, we always seem to lose them, don’t we? Keep a handful in your gym bag so you can throw your hair up into a ponytail. There’s nothing worse than working out with hair hitting you in the face. No, thank you!

Rexona Clinical Protection Summer Strength
Working out can make you feel and look great. However, if you sweat heavily, you can begin to smell, and well, that sucks. Packing an antiperspirant deodorant seems obvious, but this soft solid formula by Rexona works harder when you do. It features sweat-activated and motion-activated fragrance capsules that release extra bursts of freshness throughout the day when you need it the most.

Generally, I drink two large bottles of water a day. However, when I’m exercising, I always drink a full bottle during and after a workout to keep hydrated. To make water a bit more interesting, add fresh mint, cucumber or lemon to flavour it.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31
Aside from the safety benefits of wearing these bright and bold trainers to remain seen at night, these neon Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31’s make a workout session all the more fun.

What are your gym bag beauty essentials? Share them below.


Gritty Pretty

Hi Mariel, No, they aren't custom – I bought them as is from the Nike store in NYC. The colour combo is called Mango/Black. Love your tips! Going to give Fergie a go during my next workout. Eleanor X


Love the color combo on those Nike's! Are they custom? For hairbands that won't dent or cause breakage to my hair, I use hair ties by Emi-Jay. Also, I always opt for a loose braid since the strain of a tight bun or pony tail can cause thinning over time. Add a headband or bobby pins to keep your bangs or fringe out of your face. That Tresemme dry shampoo is a great budget option! For a splurge, I love Kevin Murphy's dry shampoo; supposedly it has PH balancing properties for your scalp. Definitely don't forget to give your face a quick rinse and wipe, especially if you've been sweating significantly. I won't use the towels at the gym because they're rough and often bleached to the max, so I pack my own, along with either wipes or a toner. La Roche-Posay also makes a lovely thermal water. And finally... I can't seem to get over my love of listening to Fergie during an intense workout! She's been pumping me up for years. Currently loving LA Love (La La) for my runs.

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