How does the venerable Carine Roitfeld, former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris get her cardio in?

In a new interview with PORTER magazine, the fashion heavyweight (and Parisian fashion royalty, at this point) discloses her secret not only for good health over the years, but strong mental discipline as well – and as you’d expect, it’s very chic!

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On her workout of choice…

“Fashion and ballet go together perfectly… It helps everyone to be in harmony with themselves, it reduces stress and creates presence, so it’s good for everyone.

On the famous model she’s converted to do it too…

“When Gigi Hadid told me that she started ballet because of me I found this very flattering.”

Roitfeld has been doing ballet for a while, actually…

“When I was a young girl, I hated ballet lessons… I started when I was six years old and I was forced to go. It paid off though, as I have a very good ‘en pointe’. I’m grateful for having been pushed.”

“I was ultimately drawn to the rigorous standards of posture and elegance. There is no choice but to keep your chin up in order to look the part. It’s this kind of discipline that attracted me. There is really no easy shortcut to being good at ballet, it’s just about work and willpower.”

And it’s more than just physical benefits she gets from it…

“Ballet taught me about my emotions… One has to pay attention, as every move and gesture has to be executed with extreme perfection, total grace and a smile. Such discipline is what I like, and concealing any pain is crucial; instead the goal is to draw attention to one’s natural beauty. I love the way dancers transform into something beautiful in front of your eyes. When I practise…I motivate myself by always looking up.”

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