If you’re not lunge-deep in the fitness world, you can’t be blamed for not knowing who Kirsty Godso is.

Let us make the introduction: Godso is a NIKE Master Trainer, a highly-evolved human who can do things with her arms that make us feel like miracles can happen. Her instagram @KirstyGodso features some jaw-on-the-floor stuff (ours and hers). Sometimes it feels like you’ve had an eye workout just by watching her throw down at the gym. She’s also got the best eyebrows on any personal trainer we’ve have ever seen. Go see how right we are.

Recently, the New Zealand native was back in Australia to launch CliniqueFIT as Global Ambassador. Designed for women on the move, CliniqueFIT is a collection of travel-sized pre- and post-workout products. There’s six to collect in “phase one”, and why hasn’t this been done before?

Gritty Pretty spoke to Godso about wearing makeup while exercising, how she keeps scoring those coveted roles, what she misses most about home and how much water she drinks a day for brilliantly good skin.

GRITTY PRETTY: Tell us, how does one become a NIKE master trainer? 

KIRSTY GODSO: I actually have a double business degree so I studied finance and marketing and I always loved sport growing up in New Zealand on a farm. The whole time I was at university I was crazy with fitness. My timetable was based around training and then once I got my degree I worked in media for a bit and I just couldn’t stop thinking about training, especially after my first trip to the States where I tried my first high intensity workout. That’s when I got hooked!

I came back to New Zealand and got certified, then I was a PT while working full time. I created a high intensity program for a company in New Zealand called Les Mills, which they sold around the world.  At the time, we didn’t really know where high intensity interval training (HIIT) was going to go and it wasn’t as big a thing as it is now.

That’s how NIKE noticed me and I started looking after Australia and New Zealand for them, before transitioning to global and moving to New York two years ago (Godso is now based there). I was so lucky with my journey with NIKE, I’ve been with them for six years now and along the way I’ve done other projects, too. I love to keep my business degree going by consulting for other brands and creative studios.

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GP: That’s amazing!

KG: I’ve also made my own protein powder which comes out later this year. It’s fun to have other projects that are related to wellness, and having ways to connect with with those that aren’t into traditional fitness.

GP: Do you notice a difference in your skin when you stop exercising? 

KG: I’m lucky I have good skin (not to sound like a dick about it!). But I notice that my skin looks way more youthful when I have a good relationship with exercise, hydration and food. I’m a big believer in that so your beauty routine can be more simple.

GP: This is going to put us to shame, but how much water do you drink a day?

KG: Four litres… but I work out a lot.

GP: Do you have any tips to make water consumption easier?

KG: A lot of people think I add lemon to my water for weight loss – but it’s to make my water taste better! If that helps you get through it then that [is my tip].


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GP: Do you wear makeup when you exercise?

KG: Usually I’m training other people for hours in a row, so I’ll wear tinted moisturiser, brush my brows up, and I’ll have mascara on. I also dab on a bit of highlighter, so then I look presentable for the [work] day. But when it’s Sunday and I’m by myself, I’ll just brush my brows up.

GP: What beauty products do you use?

KG: I have this brow brush, which is my favourite thing ever by Sania’s Brow Bar, based in New York. They want to come down to Australia and I’m like ‘yo, you should’ because they’re amazing.

I swear by Sunday Riley UFO OilI use it as a base under any makeup or tinted moisturiser and it just gives this glow from underneath. If you read the packaging it says it’s for acne-prone skin but I’ve never had acne-prone skin and its perfect for me. Then there’s BECCA Highlighter in Champagne Pop that I love. I also love CliniqueFIT 24 Hour Mascara, which is my favourite. It actually individualises all the lashes so it looks like  you have way more and it honestly stays on all day. The CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Face & Body Hydrating Spray is awesome for travel. The other brand I love is TATCHA and they do a Luminous Dewy Skin Mist that I use as a finisher to spray on.

GP: What fragrance do you wear?

KG: I wear Commes des Garconne Blackpepper, I also love their White EDT fragrance and a perfume oil by Maison Louis Marie No.

GP: And sunscreen?

KG: I use this Korean skincare brand called The Panacea, and I’m trying to get them to launch out here because I really love their cleanser and their sunscreens.


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GP: What do you miss most about home and life in New Zealand?

KG: I miss my cat, Niko, who lives there. I’m a crazy cat woman. He lives with my mum and my brother. I miss my family and a lot of my friends live in Australia and New Zealand. I miss the earthiness of this part of the world and peoples’ attitude to training and living. I’m trying to get myself in a position with work where I can come back enough though.

GP: We’ve heard a little bit about CliniqueFIT “phase two”, which is pretty exciting. You’ve said you’d like them to make a post-workout bronzer…

KG: [Laughs] I would ideally like to… that’s the great thing about Clinique, they’re such a respected brand, I feel like they really want to be making products that people really want and use, so I’m hoping that maybe in the next range that we can have even more in it.

CliniqueFIT is available now exclusively at Sephora Australia and

Tell us, what do you think about CliniqueFIT?



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