March 18, 2022

#NotSponsored: Is WelleCo’s New The Hair Elixir The Key To Healthy Hair?

welleco the hair elixir review
Photography: Rose Garnett

Are luscious locks around the corner? We investigate.

It seems that there’s a new supplement launching every week at the moment. Whether it’s a skin and nails formula or a collagen powder, it’s no secret that there are plenty of options out there–which can be particularly overwhelming. But there are certain brands that are so trusted to produce only the best that when they do release a new product, the whole world pays attention. WelleCo is one such brand.

Founded by supermodel Elle Macpherson in 2014, the brand is renowned for its greens powder, The Super Elixir, and has been going from strength to strength in recent years. But what strikes me most about WelleCo–and the reason behind my excitement to try the new Hair Elixir–is their thoughtfulness and commitment to releasing formulas only when they have been perfected. It’s an attention to detail that doesn’t go unnoticed.

So, when the new Hair Elixir did land on my desk I was immediately intrigued. Perfectly timed as it was in the middle of La Niña’s reign over Sydney (read: frizzy hair), I couldn’t wait to see if internal hair care was something my routine had been missing or if it was just a fad. Putting my body on the line, here’s what I thought of WelleCo’s new The Hair Elixir

WelleCo The Hair Elixir

The Sell: Refresh and revive with our powerful vegan capsules for hair that feels thicker, stronger and alive. Our unique vegan formula promotes hair growth and thickness with a potent blend of proven ingredients including biotin, amino acids, zinc, omega complex, rhodiola and iodine from organic seaweed.


The Price: $50 for 60 capsules.


The Review: I don’t know about you but a good hair day makes a world of difference to my mood. Forget a full face of makeup or a great spray tan, if my hair is behaving and looking its best I am immediately more confident and–to the delight of my family and friends–in a much better mood. So, when I saw that Elle Macpheron’s wellness brand, WelleCo, was launching a Hair Elixir I simply couldn’t resist trying it out.

Especially as we transition to the cooler months (and since La Niña seems to be sticking around for a while), finding a supplement that was going to nourish my hair from the inside out to prevent frizz and promote shine was at the top of my to-do list. Luckily for me, The Hair Elixir did just that. Designed to nourish and strengthen the hair right down to the follicle to minimise hair loss and prevent breakage, the formula also encourages the formation of keratin and boosts the hair with powerful minerals and adaptogens to fast-track growth and prevent frizz.

I’ve been taking two capsules daily for about a month and can confidently say that my hair feels healthier, looks shinier and is also much better at behaving itself (despite the humidity and rain)! I also love that the elixir contains adaptogens to support healthy thyroid function and reduce stress. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in how quickly my hair grows or in the reduction of hair loss but they are not my key hair concerns so I’m not terribly fussed. Overall, if you’re looking to introduce a hair supplement into your routine, I would look no further.


The Score: 9/10


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