When it comes to fashion events in Australia, the David Jones runway shows are up there with the best of them.

Last week, ambassadors Jessica Gomes, Jason Dundas and Montana Cox hit the catwalk to launch the department store’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collections in front of an A-list crowd including Teresa Palmer, Megan Gale and Jestina Campbell seated front row.

David Jones’ normally grand and ornate Level 7 at the flagship Sydney store was transformed into a striking urban jungle replete with paved runway, bill posters, a graffiti artist and model-like drummers. Jessica Gomes opened the 45-minute, 35-designer show with an all-white Carla Zampatti look confirming that uptown funk is back in a big way.

Backstage, Terri Robertson-Kirkwood, Aveda Creative Director, took the city slicker concept and split it into two key hair looks.

“We have created two looks that take this bold, independent city girl and presented her in a new light, where she has confidently settled into her look as the night draws to a close,” says Robertson-Kirkwood. “The hair is soft and light and is a nod to the beautiful textures showcased on the runway this season. We’ve included very subtle nuances that seem “lived in” such as an ear poking out through mussed up strands or small inconsistencies within the wave.”

To get the first look, hair was prepped with Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam before being blow-dried smooth. Then, large tongs were used to add soft texture via slow-sliding, vertical movements to the mid-lengths. To avoid ending up with defined curls, stylists wrapped hair loosely to random sections of hair and did not close the tongs. To finish, hair was spritzed with a list mist of Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

For the second look, the same steps were applied, then hair was tied back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and pulled loosely to cover the ears. Once secure, a small strand of hair was wrapped around the elastic band and pinned before being sealed with Aveda Control Force Hair Spray.

Switching gears to makeup and James Molloy, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry, also created two complementary looks, referencing girls who party all night but still look fresh and beautiful.

The darker of the two looks focused on eyes, which were rimmed in black kohl and mascara to give a feline shape. “The eye lid are covered in a mixture of blackened gold pencil and micro fine shimmer cream that gives the eyes a wet look under the lights,” says Molloy.

For the second makeup look, warm tobacco hues were painted on to add sophistication. Molloy says, “The creamy texture of the eye shadows gets more beautiful as it wears in, creating a natural crease in the lid. It’s a look that has elements of classic makeup yet is made modern with the use of textures.”

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