January 13, 2022

The Best Eye Creams For Every Skin Concern

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What to look for when choosing the perfect eye cream.

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As one of the more delicate areas of skin, our eyes require a niche level of care in order to thrive and remain both supple and glowing. Understanding why using an eye cream is necessary, how to include it in your beauty routine and what to look for in formulations can be a daunting prospect.

Here, we unpack the ins and outs of this skincare staple, alongside recommendations for tailored products.

Is eye cream necessary?

Eye creams are formulated with ingredients tailored to repair and hydrate the surrounding skin. An area of the body that is intensely delicate, eye creams are crafted to target signs of ageing in the area, with some of the common signs including fine lines, thinning skin and dullness. 

The tailored formulations and specifications that go into an eye cream may help improve the quality of the skin surrounding the eye, alongside working towards countering any specific concerns you may have (like dark circles or fine lines). Additionally, through applying product to the area in addition to the rest of your skincare routine, it also draws your attention to your eyes, meaning you are more likely to care for and have a considered approach to including eye care in your beauty routine. 

When to start using an eye cream?

With eye creams, there’s no time like the present to start incorporating one in your beauty routine. With the skin around the eyes being more delicate than the rest of your face, it is the area most effected by early signs of ageing. This is a result of there being no oil glands to keep the skin taut and supple. 

From your early twenties, it’s recommended to use a lightweight eye cream in order to work against early signs of ageing and as a precautionary measure to position your skin as ready for the years to come. From seeing, smiling and squinting to rubbing them when you wake, our eyes experience a lot of movement, so it’s important to look after this area from an early age for long-term measure.

Which eye cream is best?

Like choosing a face moisturiser, purchasing an eye cream can seem like a huge undertaking at first. While there are different formations on the market to choose from, breaking it down by your concerns can help simplify the task. Eye creams inclusive of the following active ingredients can help target particular concerns:

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient helps to reinforce moisture and works to aid in plumping and hydration. Since hydrated skin appears smoother, eye creams with this ingredient help to brighten the eye area and decrease the appearance of fine lines.

Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Dew It Right Eye Gel $89 from Net-A-Porter

Vitamin E 

Helps hydrate and soothe dry skin, as well as helping prevent damage from free radicals. An antioxidant, vitamin E can help to strengthen skin barrier function. 

Buy now: Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream, $95 from Aesop

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream, $95 from Aesop


A somewhat divisive active when it comes to eye creams (some believe use in the eye area should be avoided), it can help stimulate cell turnover and softly exfoliate the skin surrounding the eye. Hint: if your skin is sensitive to retinol, peptides are a suitable alternative to use. 

Buy now: Liberty Belle Eye Dream, $152 from Liberty Belle

Liberty Belle Eye Dream, $152 from Liberty Belle

Vitamin C

Works to prevent free-radical damage and promotes elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C is also a go-to for dark circles, since it reduces the appearance of dark spots, discolouration and hyperpigmentation.

Buy now: Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Double Cream $65  from Sephora

Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Double Cream $65  from Sephora


These eye creams can be gentler on the skin as the formulation will be more considered for the type of skin surrounding the eyes. These formulations make them more suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

Buy now: Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream, $34.95 from Adore Beauty

Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Double Cream $65  from Sephora


Designed to care for and support the all important skin barrier, an eye cream with ceramides is a great option for those who struggle with undereye dermatitis or eczema. Working to repair the microbiome to reduce inflammation and irritation, ceramides will leave the area nourished in no time.

Buy now: CeraVe Eye Repair Cream, $14.99 from Chemist Warehouse


A powerhouse ingredient when it comes to depuffing the under eye area, quinoa works to replenish moisture levels to lift and firm the skin and give you an all important glow. Look for gel formulas that will also instantly cool and depuff the area.

Buy now: Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel, $51 from Sephora

When do you incorporate eye cream into your beauty routine?

For both day and night routines, eye cream should be applied prior to lathering on your moisturiser and sunblock, or your night cream. 

Eye cream formulations are lighter than that of face moisturiser and as thinner products can’t penetrate thicker products, it’s important to ensure your eye care is applied prior to the denser components of your routine. 

How to apply eye cream?

While application styles are unique to the individual, as a general rule of thumb, it is best to apply your eye cream using your ring finger as this will have a gentle, soft touch. If the product itself comes with an applicator, this can be used in lieu of your finger.

Generally speaking, you will only need a pea-sized amount of product which you can then dab on to the skin in a ring under and around the shape of your eye. Rather than rub or drag the skin, softly pat the product and allow a minute or two before applying the rest of your skincare so the product has time to absorb. 

How often do you need to apply eye cream?

It is recommended that, much like all other staples in your beauty routine, eye cream is applied daily. This will help with consistency and ensure a greater chance at improvement in the skin around the eye. 


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