October 26, 2020

Spotlight On: Clarins Double Serum

Plus, we give you the opportunity to trial Double Serum on us.

In 2020, new beauty launches are flying thick and fast. Every day, we are presented with a new, you-beaut product, each promising to change our lives and ensure we never (ever!) get a wrinkle again.

Despite all of the noise in the market, there are a handful of old-faithful products that have stood the test of time. Why? Because they work – and they have a loyal following of fans to prove it.

Previously, we’ve delved into the finer details of Olaplex No 3, Oribe Texturizing Spray and more. Today, we’re throwing the spotlight on Clarins Double Serum.

When it comes to iconic French beauty brands, Clarins is one of the first names that springs to mind. And of all the products in their stable, Double Serum is the brand’s number-one seller across the globe. Why do consumers repeat buy Double Serum again and again? We investigate.


The name: Clarins Double Serum.

The sell: According to the brand’s website, Double Serum is Clarins’ “most powerful Complete Age Control Concentrate” and “combines 2 serums in 1 and features 20+1 active plant extracts to act on the appearance of all signs of skin-ageing.”

The price tag: $149 / 50ml.

The stats: One bottle of Double Serum sells every eight seconds around the globe. The stats don’t lie; even the biggest skeptic will have to concede that there’s something special about this formula.

The ingredients: As a brand, Clarins will always choose a natural ingredient over a chemical one if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. This philosophy means that Double Serum is filled to the brim with powerful plant extracts – 21 to be exact. This formula contains turmeric (an ingredient of the moment praised for its anti-ageing properties), avocado (to soften), goji (to energise cells), leaf of life extract (to hydrate) and more. Overall, Double Serum is an antioxidant powerhouse – meaning, it helps to nourish skin and protect against external aggressors like pollution, UV rays and extreme temperatures.

The best way to use it: Double Serum is a do-it-all formula; there’s no need to layer on three or more serums each evening when you have this guy in your bathroom cabinet. Simply wash your face (obviously), apply Double Serum (more on how to do so in a second), wait 30 seconds (this will give it time to really sink in) and follow with your favourite moisturiser. Repeat this process morning and night.

To really reap the benefits of Double Serum, there is a particular way to apply it to your skin. After using the twist-top bottle to administer a precise single or double dose, warm the product between your hands. Then gently apply all over your face, neck and decolletage using light pressure – consider this a gentle lymphatic drainage massage if you will. If you’re a visual learner, watch this video.

The benefits: Double Serum is a true multi-tasker; it’s the kind of product that can be used by people of all ages and all skin types. Benefits include firmer skin and wrinkles that are less obvious, a more radiant complexion and a spring in your step because your skin looks so damn good.

The verdict: When a product sells once every eight seconds, you know it’s the real deal. Plus, we’re all for anything that helps simplify our regime without compromising on results. Double Serum gets a big tick from us.



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