Three Youth-Enhancing Skin Treatments That Actually Work

There’s something for everyone.

Suzie Hoitink knows more than a thing or two about some of our most common skin concerns. As an acne sufferer as both a teen and adult, the founder of Clear Complexion Clinics had forged a successful career as a registered nurse, but wanted real results from facial treatments to treat her skin, with the end goal being a healthy, clear complexion. Opening her first clinic in 2005, Clear Complexions Clinics has now grown to six locations, including Macquarie, Balmain, Mosman, and three situated throughout the ACT.

Not only are Susie and her team known for a tailored approach to skin health, but also for their all-encompassing menu of anti-ageing treatments. “Our clients are looking to repair damage, restore their skin closer to their chronological age, and gain the tools they need to keep their skin healthier in the future—we’ve focused on enhancing the beauty that a client already has, and instilling confidence,” says Hoitink.

The issue is that not everyone is looking to jump straight into the world of injectables when it comes to turning back the clock, which is why we asked Hoitink for three treatments that cater to all, starting from a completely non-invasive facial, to Botox.


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Book in for… “HydraFacial MD™.”
The lowdown… “The HydraFacial MD™ is a powerful four-step treatment, combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration, while infusing your skin with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides and other essential nutrients.”
You’ll see benefits… “It’s a must for clients with sun damage, blackheads and whiteheads, enlarged pores, acne, uneven skin tone, and early ageing fine lines and wrinkles.”
You’ll need to hide away for… “Absolutely no time at all!”
You’ll see results… “Your skin looks radiant and nourished immediately after the treatment.”
You’ll need to pop in again… “As often as you like, but most clients will have HydraFacial MD™ monthly.”


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Book in for… “Fraxel re:store Dual laser.”
The lowdown… “Fraxel is a fractionated laser that works by applying pinpricks of heat in the skin, which creates an injury below the surface. This then stimulates a repair and renewal process whereby the damaged cells are brought to the surface and shed, and new collagen and hyaluronic acid is generated.”
You’ll see benefits… “Fraxel significantly improves quality and overall skin health, so anyone who has prematurely aged their skin with too much sun exposure will benefit enormously from treatment. Not only will the skin be stronger and more hydrated, wrinkles will be softened and you’ll see a reduction in pigmentation. The overall effect is a noticeably younger complexion. Fraxel is also the gold standard treatment for acne, trauma or surgical scarring.”
You’ll need to hide away for… “It’s an important question, as it’s crucial that you know what to expect. You will have a healing phase of seven days, of which the first three to four days are the most obvious. You are extremely red post-procedure, with a sunburnt feeling. Mild swelling starts post-procedure, and is at its peak the morning after, lasting a day or so. The skin will feel rough for up to a week. This is actually a really positive thing as it’s all the dead and damaged cells shedding off the skin, leaving fresh, vibrant, healthy complexion.”
You’ll see results… “As early as two to four weeks post treatment, but the skin continues to improve as new collagen is stimulated for up to a year post-procedure.”
You’ll need to pop in again… “It depends on the extent of damage, and that’s part of the reason you need a consultation prior to your appointment. I have clients who have done three treatments, six weeks apart and others that just do a treatment once a year.”


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Above: Thomas Puttick Dress.

Book in for… “Anti-wrinkle injections.”
The lowdown… “Injectable anti-wrinkle treatments involve small amounts of botulinum toxin [Botox] injected into specific areas of the face and neck to weaken the muscle movement, preventing the muscles from contracting to form a wrinkle.”
You’ll see benefits… “Most clients come to fix their ‘angry looking lines’ between their eyebrows. Softening the ‘crow’s feet’ lines around the eyes and those ‘worry lines’ on the forehead are also common requests. What many clients are unaware of is how many other areas botulinum toxin can be used. ‘Scrunch lines’ on the nose, the downturn of the mouth, the ‘witchy chin’ and a ‘veiny’ looking neck can also be significantly improved using small amounts of expertly placed product.”
You’ll need to hide away for… “There is no downtime at all with anti-wrinkle injections.”
You’ll see results… “It take between two-to-five days typically for the results to start taking effect with full effect at two weeks.”
You’ll need to pop in again…“Most clients will repeat the treatment every three-to-four months.”

While treatments are all good and well, not maintaining a comprehensive skincare regimen at home is akin to sweating it out in the gym and consuming an unhealthy diet, says Hoitink. In other words, it’s virtually pointless, so it’s wise to first see a skin professional to determine what your skin needs, and work out an effective at-home routine that actually delivers results. “So much time and money can be wasted on using the wrong skincare for your skin type, and it can also further damage what we are trying to correct,” she explains.


Tell us, what is your approach to tackling the signs of ageing?

If so, which of the above would you be interested in trialling?


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