This Serum Doubles As A Facial Peel

When you see the word peel in relation to skincare, you naturally think of an in-salon treatment.

In case you haven’t personally experienced a peel, they work to banish dead skin build up and improve your skin’s overall texture and tone to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion. It may mean a little (or maybe a lot) of tingling, and depending on the strength of the peel often some downtime, but the end results are absolutely worth it.

With those benefits in mind, imagine if you could see similar outcomes on the regular, just by using a facial serum? It’s a concept virtually unheard of—until now.

Meet Guerlain’s newest innovation, the Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum.

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The good news is that, despite predominantly targeting the signs of ageing—think fine lines, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and dullness—this serum is suitable for anyone on the hunt for smoother, more luminous skin. Read: basically all of us. Serums are the real workhorse of your skincare routine, as they typically contain highly concentrated ingredients to whip your complexion, and key concerns, into shape.

We’re guessing your interest by this point is most definitely piqued, so allow us tell you all about it…

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The chic, gilt-hued bottle houses two chambers, both enriched with an array of hard-working ingredients. On the left, the ‘Renew’ formulation—think of this as your at-home facial peel. It contains three different types of acids, including citric, lactic and glycolic, all of which belong to the family of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). As you probably already know, AHAs are renowned for their brightening capabilities, and in the case of Double R, the acids work in conjunction to lightly exfoliate and resurface the complexion. We stress the word lightly because it uses a soft peeling technology that allow the acids to be gently and evenly dispersed into your skin, and helps to temper your skin’s tolerance to prevent redness and irritation.

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Now onto the second chamber, which stocks the ‘Repair’ formula. It’s the result of over eight years of Guerlain R&D, which focusses on skin gene known as TIEG1. Without getting too technical, this gene helps to stimulates the production of collagen and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid to restore the skin’s structure, and bring it back to optimum health. It also harnesses two of Guerlain’s hero active ingredients from bees including Royal Jelly, which is infused with proteins, lipids and vitamins to provide unparalleled nourishment to your complexion, and also honey from the Black Bee, sourced exclusively from the island of Ouessant off the coast of France. This pure honey is rich in amino acids, and helps to aid skin repair.

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Depositing just the right amount of each formula with every pump, Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum can be used both morning and night. Talk about a multitasker.

Tell us, have you tried a facial peel? Would you be interested in trying this serum?



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