The Australian Skincare Brand That Gets You

Our homegrown skincare hero Ultraceuticals is celebrating two decades in the biz.

Sure, the Australian environment is both a blessing and a curseit’s what makes our country great (alongside the very excellent coffee) and not so great, especially for our skin. We have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, and photo-damage is a daily battle, and sometimes it takes an Australian to know exactly what Australians need. This is precisely why Dr Geoffrey Heber created Ultraceuticals. He  understands our harsh climate and what it takes to get—and maintain—healthy skin.

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“When I started as a cosmetic physician, many of my patients had skin concerns and the only effective treatment was prescription Vitamin A, which sometimes caused dryness and temporary mild irritation, and department store products, which didn’t give them the results they expected,” he explains. Effective anti-ageing ingredients weren’t available in local products, so Dr Heber started importing them before ultimately deciding to create the ultimate cosmeceuticals, Ultraceuticals, specifically for our environment.

“Skin ageing is mainly due to sun-related damage, but daily sunscreen—our SPF50+ Protective Daily Moisturisers are our best selling products—and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, neutralise the UV-produced free radicals that trigger the process,” he says.

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It’s only proven ingredients like these that make it into Ultraceutical products. While the industry produces hundreds of new ingredients every year, Dr Heber will only consider those that have independent clinical testing and proven efficacy behind them. That means Dr Heber and his staff spend hours scanning scientific literature, attending meetings and testing products over many months, before they even make it onto your vanity. The company doesn’t particularly care about trends or what the hot new ingredient is; if it doesn’t meet Ultraceuticals strict standards, it goes straight into the bin (cold, but necessary).

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This has made the company’s cult products—the aforementioned SPF range, the hyaluronic-acid packed Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum, the Ultra Moisturiser Cream that acts like a glass of water for skin—beloved by women right across the country (Dr Heber’s faves: “Our Ultra C10+ Firming Serum, Ultra A products and Even Skintone Serum, all improve signs of ageing, clarify and firm the skin”). There is also a whole menu of in-clinic treatments, for those who prefer professional skin maintenance (hello, us!) plus their newest Christmas packs make excellent gifts to self (charity starts at home, after all).

Made in Australia, by an Australian, for Australians.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Tell us, have you tried Ultraceuticals?


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