Meet The New Exfoliator With A 10,000+ Person Waitlist

Does Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder Polish live up to the hype?

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These days, pink clay masks are a dime a dozen – all of varying price points and efficacy. However, we’ll go on the record stating that Sand & Sky is the original and arguably the best. When it comes to ingredients, Sand & Sky don’t skimp on the good stuff. The first ingredient in the Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask is kaolin, which means there’s more pink clay in the mask than anything else (the ingredients are listed in descending order according to quantity). Whereas some other brands (who shall not be named) list kaolin further down the ingredient list – indicating there’s a higher quantity of second-tier filler ingredients. This is fine, it just means the mask is less effective. 

In Sand & Sky we trust.

So, when we heard that the brand was launching a new, you-beaut exfoliant, we jumped at the chance to try it. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones – prior to launch, the Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder Polish had a 10,000+ person waitlist. 

sand and sky

The name: Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder Polish

The price: $72.90

The sell: “Glow beyond bright skin with our advanced, triple-action enzyme exfoliant. Packed with soothing antioxidants and vitamin C, it’s your glow-to for no-irritation exfoliation.”

The application: Pour half a teaspoon of this powdered polish into your hands and add a few drops of water. Rub your hands together to create a foam and gently massage onto your cleansed face and neck. Leave for 15ish seconds while the product works its magic. Use two to three times per week, morning or night. 

If you’ve tried the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant, it’s pretty similar to that.

To supercharge the results, you can swap water for Sand & Sky’s Dreamy Glow Drops or even your favourite hydrating serum.

The verdict: In a word: love. In two words: we stan

This product is very effective and very Sand & Sky. After applying to skin, the formula quickly dries down in the same way the clay mask would. While the brand’s OG mask acts as a weekly treatment, the new Enzyme Powder Polish requires less of a time commitment and can be easily incorporated into your evening routine.

Being an enzyme-based exfoliator, this product is suitable for more sensitive skin types. While effective, some chemical exfoliants (glycolic acid, we’re looking at you) can irritate skin – especially if you leave it on for too long or use too often. Whereas an enzyme exfoliant (like this one) is less irritating because it works on more of a superficial level. Enzymes are bio-active ingredients derived from fruits that chomp away at the dead cells on the skin’s surface. The downside? If you have pigmentation or any deeper-level skin concerns, you’ll need something more heavy duty.

The Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder Polish leaves skin feeling fresh and glowy and smoother than a goddamn baby’s bottom. We are so glad this product launched just in time for winter. It’s a winner! We have a feeling those 10,000+ people will be pretty happy.

The score: 8.5/10

Have you tried Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder Polish? Or – better yet – were you one of the people who signed up to the waitlist? We’d love to hear what YOU think of the product. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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