April 05, 2022

Review: La Mer’s New Treatment Lotion Delivers Illuminated Skin In Seconds

by EMILY ALGAR - In partnership with La Mer
Photographed by Nicola Sevitt

This newly relaunched lotion is seriously amazing for dehydrated, lacklustre skin.

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by La Mer—but you know we only share the products we really, truly love! 

Even with almost a decade of experience as a beauty journalist under my belt, La Mer is a skincare brand that has never lost its allure. Founded by astrophysicist Dr. Max Huber, it was originally developed as a way to heal a facial burn he suffered in a lab accident. Dr. Huber looked towards the sea for inspiration, and the ensuing result was Miracle Broth™, a cell-renewing fermented kelp extract that took 12 years to perfect.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and giant sea kelp hand-picked from pristine Canadian waters, Miracle Broth™ is lauded for its ability to strengthen, replenish and illuminate the skin. It’s found in every La Mer product, working both immediately and over time to instil radiance, clarity and supreme hydration within the complexion.

I’ve been lucky enough to try a bunch of the brand’s formulas before—including the iconic and oh-so-luxurious Crème de la Mer—but The Treatment Lotion is one that hadn’t graced my vanity until now (something I was very much intent on changing). 

While part of the La Mer Essentials Collection for quite some time, the formula has recently been relaunched as The New Treatment Lotion, with updates to both its packaging and the goodness inside. Often it’s a mistake to relaunch a cult skincare buy, but in this instance I can assure you it’s for the best. 

Read up on why below.

What Is It?

The New Treatment Lotion is essentially a bottle of liquid energy for tired, dehydrated skin (and believe me when I say it’s a miracle on very little sleep). 

Lightweight and silky to touch, the texture is slightly thicker than water, and is best used as a first step immediately after cleansing. Not only does it flood the complexion with hydration and nourishment, but it also preps for the steps that follow, including serums, concentrates and moisturiser. 

The new glass bottle is also made from 20% post-consumer recycled materials—an extra win as far as I’m concerned. 

What’s Inside?

The New Treatment Lotion contains Miracle Broth™ for cellular renewal, plus La Mer’s Revival Ferment™ (made up of marine peptides collagen-boosting algae) to strengthen and soothe visible irritation. There’s also an Active Liquid Hydrogel, a fermented anti-irritant that not only gives the product its bouncy texture, but also enables long-lasting hydration within the skin.

Other ingredient callouts I think are worth mentioning include glycerin (a great humectant, which means it attracts water for hydration), niacin, caffeine and zinc gluconate. 

Fun fact: The advanced formula is also made up of ingredients from 91% natural origin, and crafted using La Mer’s green chemistry methodology, where sustainability measures are put in place without losing out on product efficacy (read more about the process here). A step in the right direction, if you ask me. 

And The Skin Benefits?

My current skincare routine doesn’t involve an essence or lotion, but I am perpetually dehydrated (despite the fact my skin type is combination), so I was very excited to see how The Treatment Lotion would go. 

As directed I pressed the lotion into clean, slightly damp skin using my hands first thing in the morning. It feels cooling and slightly bouncy upon application—like a featherweight gel that immediately plumps and adds volume. Straight away, it softened the look of fine lines around my eyes and mouth, but the real magic was just how much it awakened my complexion. As someone with dullness, dehydration and pigmentation, it can be tricky to emulate that ‘I slept-underwater’ aesthetic, but the difference The Treatment Lotion makes is palpable—think soft, dewy and fresh. 

Ongoing, the results have also been pretty spectacular. My skin definitely feels calmer, while a few lingering pimple scars have slightly faded. I also find my skin (and makeup, if I’m wearing it) looks much more energised throughout the day — a feature that’s very welcome if you don’t always (ahem) get enough sleep. 

At $160, it’s a great way to experience the benefits of La Mer’s Miracle Broth™, at a slightly more accessible price point. I also love the fact it slots into any skincare routine with ease, and because it’s purely hydrating, it’s beneficial for all skin types (I am very prone to congestion, and thus can’t use anything even remotely occlusive). 

Of course, it would be made all the more special with a layer of Crème de la Mer’s Moisturizing Cool Gel Creme over the top (my personal favourite formula), but the results are definitely noticeable on its own. A new, but much-loved addition to my skincare routine.

Shop the La Mer New Treatment Lotion here.


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