New Year, New Moisturiser

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It has been said that finding your signature shade of red lipstick is the wardrobe equivalent of uncovering the dream little black dress. But we feel like the person who wrote that probably hadn’t found their perfect moisturiser.

When you think about it, moisturiser isn’t just a skincare staple, it’s a beauty staple that is often overlooked, seen as something that you can just slap on at the conclusion of your skincare regimen and hope for the best. Which is why, for 2019 at Gritty Pretty we’re all about uncovering our go-to formula that is suited to both our own skin type and key concerns, and we’re encouraging you to do the same. Because when you find it, trust us, you’ll never look back.

It’s true, there are so many variables when it comes to making the choice—the texture, the ingredients, the finish, and of course, how it feels on your skin and if it works for you. Which is why we typically make a beeline for the La Mer counter—The Moisture Collection from Crème de La Mer ensure that there’s a hydrator to suit everyone. Each of the formulas are super-charged with the brands iconic Miracle Broth, which is derived from a bio-fermented blend of ocean kelp and essential nutrients and vitamins like magnesium and iron, and is designed to promote cell renewal, allowing your skin repair and regenerate.

The thing is, there’s no one formula that suits everyone, which is why La Mer’s Creme de La Mer’s The Moisture Collection boasts five different variants and textures. Find yours here…

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The Moisturizing Soft Lotion is lightweight, and sinks beautifully into your complexion without leaving an oily residue. It utilises the benefits of La Mer’s Soft Lotion Capsules that work to deliver the Miracle Broth and Lime Tea Concentrate—which adds a layer of protection for environmental aggressors—deep into the skin’s layers to help heal it from the inside out. The good news is that you can use it both morning and night—just make sure you press it between your fingers, then gently onto your skin to achieve a satin-like finish.

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Think of The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream‘s gel-like formula as a cool, nourishing drink for a thirsty complexion. Formulated with La Mer’s Micro Gel Cream Capsule technology, multiple minuscule droplets of Miracle Broth are continuously delivered to your skin to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Suitable predominantly for oily or combination skin types, you only need a tiny amount for your whole complexion (bonus points because this tub will really last). It’s also infused with Kelp Gel for its soothing and calming benefits.

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Iconic in every sense of the word, La Mer’s Crème de La Mer The Moisturizing Crème is the cornerstone of the brand and with good reason. The rich formula has remained unchanged since the 1950s, and of course also features the iconic Miracle Broth, with each container hand filled to maintain the balance of fermented ingredients. To get all of the goodness it has to offer, you need to gently warm it between your fingers before applying to release the Miracle Broth, which will also allow it to spread evenly over your skin. Suitable for all skin types—but works especially well on dry, dehydrated complexions, or those experiencing the signs of ageing—you’ll wake up amazed at the overall texture and tone of your skin.

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The word matte and moisturiser aren’t words you typically see next to one another but before you start to conjure up images of an overtly dry complexion, think again. The Moisturizing Matte Lotion is a weightless moisturiser caters to oilier skin types or those prone to shine, and helps to gently balance the complexion and boost hydration where you need it most, whilst simultaneously minimising the appearance of enlarged or oversized pores. The finish? A hydrated, velvety skin tone that still looks über healthy.

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The perfect balance of a moisturiser that provides instant hydration with a rich texture that doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, it’s thanks to La Mer’s Moisturizing Spheres infused with both Miracle Broth and Lime Tea Concentrate that The Moisturizing Soft Crème‘s silky formula does its job and does it well. Think of it as the lightweight little sister of the original Crème de La Mer.

Tell us—what’s your go-to moisturiser? Have you tried any of La Mer’s iconic moisturiser formulas?


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