How to Lift, Firm and Tighten Your Skin All At Once

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Look, we love living on Earth as much as the next person, but we could do with a little less gravity some days.

We’ve even heard stories of women sleeping with bras on at night to combat its effects. True story. As we get older, our skin also succumbs to the effects of gravity while our ability to produce collagen, ceramides and hyaluronic acid slows down after we turn 30.

It’s the natural way of things, but it’s not that bleak. The new Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Firming & Sculpting Gel has been designed to slow down the ageing process, without uncharacteristically changing your skin. All it does is help you age gracefully; defy gravity, if you will.


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What you put in…

When you lose something that’s important, you replace it, yes? That’s the great thing about this gel, it simply enhances what the ageing process diminishes. namely moisture-boosting ceramides – an Elizabeth Arden speciality and the “cement” that gives our skin an appearance of smoothness and plumpness. In this particular formula, there are three kinds of ceramides.

It also packs a punch on the peptide front. Reminder: peptides are the important building blocks for healthy, supple skin. Moreover, there’s the hyaluronic acid for hydration. Essentially, this gel makes your cheeks their bounciest yet so you can proudly double-cheek all your air kisses from now on.

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Roll your way to a firmer face

The packaging is also well thought through. The twist cap exists so there’s no wastage from accidental spillage– a different kind of gravity defiance, but gravity defiance nonetheless.

And last but not least, it uses a roller applicator that theoretically works the same as a jade roller. Massage your skin daily (after cleansing and toning) by rolling the cooling gel around the eyes, along the forehead, down the neck, and along the contours of the cheeks. Watch as your face gets a little more rejuvenated each time in the mirror. If that’s not happening, you’re not doing it right.

Tell us, how do you lift, firm and sculpt your skin all at once?

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