Think you’re immune to Korean beauty trends? Think again.

Alphabet creams, sheet masks, whitening creams, essencescushion compacts… these now-mainstream beauty products came to us by way of Korea (kudos big-K!).

Here’s the thing: the Korean beauty industry spends some serious money on research and development, fuelled by a high demand from its consumer market for great skin (ever hear of the 10-step beauty routine? That’s one of theirs). Because of this, Korea offers some of the most advanced beauty products in the world.

There aren’t many shortcuts in beauty – but not flying to Korea to buy these excellent products and instead buying them right here in Australia is a major advantage. And you should definitely be taking advantage. You never take enough advantage! Go on.

The time to stock up is now…


[responsive imageid=’18995′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Mizon[/responsive]

BEST KNOWN FOR… championing unconventional but results-driven ingredients before other brands dare. From the appealing Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel and Honey Black Sugar Scrub to the more curious and best-selling Snail Repair range and Egg White Bubble Cleanser, Mizon’s use of the exotic but effective is what sets it apart.

Mizon Acene Blemish Out Pink Spot – Korea’s answer to Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. Or was MB’s drying lotion the answer to this?
Mizon Snail Repair Perfect Cream – Like we said, it’s a user favourite!



[responsive imageid=’18994′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_DrJart[/responsive]

BEST KNOWN FOR… bringing BB creams stateside and starting that whole alphabet cream craze. Dr. Jart+ was one of the first ever Korean labels to be stocked by Sephora U.S in 2010 and since then, its continued to build a reputation for itself for pioneering Korean innovations and expertise in the west. Guided by a team of expert dermatologists, it takes a modern scientific approach to skincare and strives for excellent results in all that it creates.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Light Cream Set Try the set. Try not to get hooked. Get hooked anyway.
Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45
– A descendent of the OG BB cream that started it all.



[responsive imageid=’18996′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_TouchInSol[/responsive]

BEST KNOWN FOR… being a beauty line influenced by Korean pop culture. With a tag line like “Don’t Let Your Beauty Be Boring! XOXO”, the guiding ethos of Touch In Sol is for its new-millennial customers to have fun and be experimental. Founded by Sean Lim in 2010, the brand is still relatively new and had much of its success online before being picked up by Sephora U.S in 2015. Its skincare range is now available in Australia via Priceline nationwide and online.

Touch In Sol All-In-One Beauty AID Cream – An exceedingly hydrating moisturiser with all of the skin-firming properties of a excellent primer. So we use it for both.
Touch In Sol In The Skin Renovation BB Cream – A BB cream for sensitive or problem skin that treats while providing coverage.



[responsive imageid=’18992′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Caolion[/responsive]

BEST KNOWN FOR… Korean skincare done naturally. In fact, Caolion was the first popularised Korean beauty brand that did not use colouring, fragrances or alcohol, making it suitable for sensitive skin types like founder’s Jinyoung Joo. Story goes, Joo wanted to make sure her range was so natural it was safe enough to eat, and initially consumed her products as a test. Her holistic beauty philosophy doesn’t promise you’ll never get a pimple or a wrinkle again, what it does claim though, is to be wholly nourishing and really, really detoxing for your pores.

Caolin Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo – A cult classic reportedly giving you all kinds of hot ‘n’ cold sensations as it works its magic.
Caolin Pore Glow Moisture Stick – A natural, dewy glow is yours for the swiping.



[responsive imageid=’18991′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_3CE[/responsive]

BEST KNOWN FOR… being the beauty brainchild of So-Hee Kim of StyleNanda fame. Think of Kim as the the Korean Sophia Amoruso; she started her fashion e-tailer StyleNanda in 2005 and by 2006, it was ranked the most-searched women’s fashion boutique in Korea. Fast forward to 2009 and Kim leveraged her online success by launching a makeup brand, 3 Concept Eyes (3CE). Needless to say Korea’s fashion-conscious have caught one and the brand has now been picked up by Sephora Australia.

3CE Eyelash Curler – Love your Shu Uemura curler? Now try this one. 
3CE Bright Glow Beam
 – A pliable liquid-cream highlighter that’s subtle in the shadows but catches all the light in a brighter room.



[responsive imageid=’18993′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Cremolab[/responsive]

BEST KNOWN FOR… its hero ingredient: T.E.N or thermal water from Geumjin in the Korean Peninsula, which is meant to be immensely hydrating and is packed with skin-loving minerals. Cremorlab is a still a relatively niche brand in Korea – with an uncharacteristically minimalist aesthetic. Though, it’s gained quite the cult status after being featured by popular beauty vlogger, Michelle Phan and on U.S Korean e-retailer, Peach & Lilly, both of whom swear by Cremorlab.

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence – You haven’t tried Cremorlab until you’ve tried this.
Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Mask – Just as Michelle Phan recommend.


Have you tried any Korean beauty brands?

Which Korean beauty brands would you like to see available in Australia?


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