Let’s Talk About The Hungarian Skincare Brand Making Waves


Like most, you’ve probably been wondering how to correctly pronounce Omorovicza – a cult skincare line centred around the mineral-rich healing waters found in Budapest springs.

Now that we have that cleared up and out of the way (you’re welcome), here are some of the characters in a really good story about Omorovicza: Ancient thermal springs, a noble Hungarian family and a Nobel Prize-winning lab. With these products, water is not filler, it’s the main event.

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First, a history lesson. Springs and skincare are a big deal in Hungary. The first thermal baths were built in Budapest 2000 years ago, and today, there are over 1000 hot springs around the country. Spa culture is deeply ingrained, with doctors often prescribing a thermal bath session to their patients, and Hungarian ladies viewing these waters as an essential part of their skincare and wellbeing routines. There’s no saving a spa visit for a special occasion in these parts.

So what makes this water so special? A quick geology lesson: in Budapest, the Earth’s crust is thinner than any other city on the planet, so the water can rise closer to the surface, the heat from the sun is greater, and minerals are absorbed more effectively into those waters as they make their way to the surface. Budapest has more thermal water sources than anywhere in the world and has been dubbed the International Spa City (can we move here?).

Husband and wife Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza tapped into these healing water traditions, married them with science, and founded their company in 2006. Every Omorovicza product incorporates these special minerals, which include zinc, copper and potassium, to help boost collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammatory conditions like rosacea and eczema, and deeply hydrate, leaving skin more smooth and supple. Call it the H2Glow.

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The products are luxurious and a delight to use (so important!). There are newbies, like Acid Fix, with a trio of dead skin cell-eliminating acids and Aussie caviar lime (#represent), to resurface and brighten skin; and bestsellers like Thermal Cleansing Balm, which incorporates magnesium – and calcium-rich Hungarian moor mud to purify; and there is the multitasking Elemental Emulsion, which doubles as a moisturiser for oily skin or as a serum for dry complexions.

Last but not least, we can’t forgo mention of the iconic Queen of Hungary Mist (which many of you have told us on Instagram you love). Currently available at MECCA in a limited edition bottle inspired by the blue starry ceiling at the Racz Spa built by Stephen’s family; the mist was first created for the actual Queen Elisabeth of Hungary. Based on a 14th century recipe she jotted down in gold, the Queen loved this toner and believed it kept her youthful, which is not hard to believe –  she was, after all, proposed to by a man half her age.

Told you it was a good story.

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