Gold Skincare: Is It Really Worth It?

Gold is synonymous with luxury, but do you actually need it in your skincare and do the results justify the cost?

Curious to find out if there’s any merit behind this beauty trend, we did a little digging (pun absolutely intended)…


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Skincare benefits of gold

Peter Thomas Roth, founder of his eponymous skincare line, released an entire collection dedicated to 24K Gold earlier this year. Roth says he stumbled on the ingredient while working on his jewellery line (yep, he does that too).

“After working with gold, I noticed my hands looked firmer, younger and brighter,” he shares. His collection of products, infused with 24 Karat Gold and Colloidal Gold, improve firmness and impart and “opulent glow” while hydrating skin. “The application of gold compounds to medicine, called Chrysotherapy, is also known to reduce inflammation,” he adds.

Aussie skincare line Lepaar also harnesses the power of Gold in each of their products . Creator Johanna Everingham was inspired by the emotional as well as physical benefits of the precious metal, drawing from “19th century German Anthroposophic medicine where gold is used extensively to help improve blood and lymphatic system, boost oxygen supply to cells and increase our warmth and lift our spirit,” she explains.


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The importance of 24 Karats

Both brand founders agree that gold should only be used in its purest form – 24 karats. Pure gold is non-toxic and dermatologically, not likely to trigger allergic reaction unless alloyed (mixed with) with other metals like nicklel or chrome. “All of my product undergo vigorous safety testing before being released to consumers. I source my 24K Gold right here in Massachusettes USA,” says Roth.

Everingham agrees, cautioning that all gold is not made equal and to be aware of deceptive marketing. “I would not bother with anything that contains ‘Visible Gold Flakes’, ‘Gold Oil’ (no such thing) and always check the ingredients to see if it’s actually got gold in it. It must say so with the karat value,” she adds.


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Is it worth the money?

In defence of the price tag, Everingham explains that everything natural, rare and time-consuming to make must be expensive. “Gold is the earth’s most precious metal, grown by Mother Nature for a long time, and slowly charged with its high frequency energy,” she says.

She believes that if a product contains true 24K Gold and is certified (by REACH) and manufactured sustainably, then yes, it is worth the cost. Lepaar ranges from $55 for a serum to $190 for a body oil.

“However if the product just has a few gold flakes of low karat floating in it, then no. If it just says Gold on the label, but turns out to have something like ‘Gold of Pleasure’ in it, then no. That is not Gold, that’s a plant called Camelina Sativa and is currently grown in the US as a potential biodiesel and jet fuel…”

Naturally, Roth also believes gold warrants its price. “It’s the ultimate luxury…they say that Cleopatra slept with a 24K gold on her face, because she could!”. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Line ranges from $60 for a moisturiser to $108 for a face mask.


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If you’ve skipped to this part because you’re after a short and sweet answer, Gold might not be right for you. The trending ingredient has several anti-ageing benefits, but it’s important to read ingredient lists and buy reputable brands to ensure you’re getting a quality pure 24 karat Gold that has been sourced the right way, otherwise you could do your skin more harm than good. A little does go a long way so you’ll only ever need one or two Gold-infused product. We suggest something concentrated like a serum or a mask for prolonged contact. Otherwise, there’s always the (literal) golden glow of makeup (hello FENTY Beauty Trophy Wife Highlighter and Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 Illuminator Kit in Golden).


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Tell us, have you ever tried gold skincare products? What did you think?


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