Is Face Halo Worth The Investment? We Put Them To The Test

What if we told you cleanser was optional?

Having burst onto the beauty scene in mid-2017, Face Halo has fast become an exciting and intriguing cleansing option on the market. About as no-frills as you can get (just add water), this microfibre puff will lift all the dirt, sans all the irritation.

Need more convincing? We’ve got you covered. Gritty Pretty has put both the Face Halo and the new Body Halo to the test, so you don’t have to.

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What Is Face Halo? 

A little microfibre puff might not seem all that impressive – however, the technology is far more advanced than your average flannel. 

“The technology of the Face Halo [is] designed to get into your pores and lift the makeup and impurities out and trap them in the tech fibres,” explains Lizzy Pike, Face Halo Founder and Executive Director.

“It’s the busy girl’s dream, the lazy girl’s dream and the busy mum’s dream. The Face Halo doesn’t disrupt the natural pH balance of your skin, since it is water only. If you have sensitive skin, you could use a Cetaphil or Dove Dermaseries, but you don’t necessarily need it.”

Added bonus: the puff is reusable, which means more convenience for you and less inconvenience (otherwise known as landfill and pollution) for the planet. Win, win!

Does Face Halo Actually Work? 

So, you’re still sceptical, huh?  In a word, yes – this no-fuss, sustainable puff actually works. Particularly useful for taking off your face at the end of a long work day, or freshening up after a workout, the Face Halo does everything it says it will. No skin irritation was our favourite perk and the quick drying time meant it was ready for use the next day.

The Body Halo was also a winner. The dual-sided (and significantly larger) body puff is a multi-tasker to say the least. Starting with the microfibre side to cleanse and refresh was our method of choice, following up with the exfoliating side should we need a little more oomph. The circular shape and convenient mitt design made it effortless to slough away those dead skin cells (we’re blaming you, summer sun) as well as any leftover self-tanner from the weekend (fake it ‘till you make it, right?). Needless to say, the Body Halo is our shower’s newest tenant.

What Is Face Halo Made Out Of?

The Face Halo is made out of an ultra-fine form of microfibre (otherwise known as HaloTech Fibre), which attracts makeup and dirt, ensuring ease of removal.

Where Is Face Halo Made? 

The Face Halo is proudly Australian-made, which further solidifies the brand as a leader in sustainability. The company also has a number of global recycling plants, making it easily accessible to dispose of old Halo’s in an environmentally-conscious way.

“On the website we’ve got three addresses: one in the UK, one in the US and one in Australia and we will be getting another one in Asia very soon,” says Pike.

“[The customers] send it back to us and then we collect them and send them to our factory… [where] they repurpose them into seat cushioning or the fabric on commercial train and bus seats.”

How Often Should You Wash Your Face Halo?

You don’t have to put it into the washing machine every single time, which makes life so easy,” says Pike, who often rotates between three Halo’s at any given time.

“One in the washing machine, one for travelling and one for the vanity [or] shower. It’s just so easy and simple.”

Day-to-day, the Face Halo is easily washed with warm water and soap, and should be washed after every use to avoid any bacteria build-up.

Toss it in the washing machine after every couple of uses, or if you’ve had on particularly heavy makeup that day, as per the Face Halo recommendations.

Can Face Halo Go In The Drier?

Similar to thinking you can go out on a Sunday night and still make it to work the next day, a Face Halo can survive the drier but it’s probably best you don’t attempt it. Air drying is best as it maintains the shape and with the nifty ribbon hook, hanging shouldn’t be an issue.

Have a burning Face Halo tip that we don’t know about? Leave us a comment down below!


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