May 20, 2022

#NotSponsored: Emma Lewisham’s New Eye Cream Is Bright Skin In A Jar

emma lewisham eye cream
Photography: Rose Garnett

When we see that iconic pink and purple packaging pop up on our Instagram feeds, we know we’re in for a treat.

There are certain skincare brands that manage to captivate effortlessly. Emma Lewisham is one such brand. Since its launch in 2019, the New Zealand-born brand has soared to incredible heights with both its formulas and its sustainability commitments. Now a B Corp certified business and a major heavy hitter behind the TerraCycle recycling initiative, the brand is renowned for its incredible formulas and ability to prioritise the environment. It’s not too bold of us to also say that Emma Lewisham’s example has been a force for change in bigger beauty businesses as well.

With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that when the brand launches a new product (which isn’t too often with its considered approach to formula building), we all pay attention. Whether it’s a decadent body oil or a cleanser sent straight from heaven, the excitement is palpable. And so was the case with the brand new Skin Reset Eye Crème. Having had the new product to the test for about a month now, I have confidently rounded out some thoughts. Here, I reveal all…


The Sell: This eye crème delivers antioxidants and moisture deeper into the skin’s epidermis. It is proven to boost collagen production, deeply hydrates the skin and dramatically improves the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and uneven skin tone, delivering a smoother, firmer and brighter under eye area.


The Price: $118 from Emma Lewisham.


The Review: It’s no secret that eye creams are pretty controversial products in a skincare arsenal. For some, they are as necessary as oxygen, for others they are as useless as forgetting a sports bra for a spin class. Personally, I’ve always been pretty neutral. Do I think they are effective in a skincare routine? Sure. Have I ever found one that has delivered visible results? No. That is, until I met Emma Lewisham’s new Skin Reset Eye Créme.

One of the (many) perks of the job of being a beauty editor is that I often get to trial products before they hit the shelves. In this case, I was using a lab sample of the brand new product for about a month before it launched so that I could give you my honest opinion about whether or not it’s worth your hard earned cash. In short: it is.

Formulated with the latest skincare technology (the brand is pioneering a new CoQ10 delivery system which helps ingredients delve deeper into the skin), this eye cream will brighten your skin just as much as it will brighten your day. With 18 scientifically-proven, high performing active ingredients in the formula–including saccharide isomerate and hyaluronic acid–the eye cream is designed to provide up to 72-hour moisture and reduce transepidermal water loss for an ultra-hydrated eye area. 

The biggest change I noticed (other than a brighter eye area immediately after applying the cream) was how much the clarity of my under eye area had improved. My skin appears significantly smoother and more even and I have noticed that I use a lot less concealer on a daily basis thanks to this new product. Especially as we enter the cooler months, I have noticed that my under eye area hasn’t been as dry as it usually is, which I can only put down to the CoQ10 in the formula which boosts cellular energy production and reinvigorated tired, lacklustre skin. Overall, I am now an eye cream convert thanks to this delicious new formula. Sorry not sorry.


The Score: 9/10


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