February 28, 2023

How To Create An SPF Wardrobe

by NAOMI FERREIRA - In partnership with Airyday
Photography / Nicola Sevitt

Whatever the purpose, your preference or skin tone—Airyday, everyday, should be a staple for everyone.

How would you respond if I told you that for me personally, sun care has always been an afterthought? In fact, I had always been proud of my tanning abilities, and for years I considered sunscreen as optional because of my tropical Nicaraguan roots. I felt as though in summer the melanin in my skin would thrive. A sentiment that can conjure both feelings of envy and apprehension only aided by the encounters I would have with retail hosts asking “what tanner are you using?”.

While it’s true that people with olive to darker skin tones don’t burn as easily, it is this exact premise that has birthed a tableau of suncare myths. Being brown doesn’t make you invincible to the sun’s rays—a realisation I had after my father had a large dark spot removed and I experienced severe sunburn for the first time in my mid-twenties. (How could I forget the waxy peeling on my forehead?).

But finding the right SPF had always felt like trying to find a perfect partner. One, I wasn’t looking, and it only suited me in ‘summer’. Let’s face it…perfection doesn’t exist, but compatibility and consistency does.


Enter: Airyday’s SPF wardrobe, the newest mainstay in my skincare hybrid arsenal. Sure, you’ve heard of a fragrance wardrobe, but an SPF wardrobe is a new trend that allows us to pick and choose a different formula based on our needs on any given day.

Delivered in a malleable aluminium tube—as a sustainable alternative to plastic—each SPF formula has its own texture, finish and combination of purposeful ingredients. The range’s latest offering? A Mineral Mousse SPF50+ Dreamscreen that mattifies, leaves no white cast and feels weightlessly velvety. One could say: airy. 

Tactile versatility is not this sunscreen’s only forte, the TGA listed formulation draws on a super antioxidant smoothie of vitamins C, E and F that work to actively protect your skin from oxidative and free radical damage. This preserves our collagen stores, preventing early signs of ageing and inflammatory skin conditions.

SPF Wardrobe

Each Airyday SPF offers broad spectrum protection and 40 minutes water resistance. It’s this number that allows you to play, but also ensures that the SPF you’re applying doesn’t feel overly greasy or sticky when worn. The 40 minute window acts as a great timer, to pause and re-apply. After all, the reality of Australian life is that the beach is our backyard.

Like all good things in life, moderation is a stabiliser and antioxidants are a complexion booster. No matter your skin tone, whatever the purpose or preference Airyday has ensured that there is something for you. For me? As time weathers, and my skin changes—month to month, season to season—I’ve learnt to also swap out my SPF to suit my skin needs. And sometimes it can even change daily—we want an SPF with a matte finish for an outdoor workout but then a glowier formula for afternoon cocktails by the beach. For the latter, Airyday’s Golden Glow acts as a dewy primer that keeps my oils at bay with the inclusion of niacinamide. Vitamin B3 prevents DNA damage, protects the skin’s barrier and assists with pigmentation prevention.

The SPF wardrobe staples don’t end here. If you’re in the business of seeking hydration, the Clear As Day SPF50+ Dreamscreen is the glass slipper that fits. As the name suggests the formula is completely clear, and it feels serum-like sans any stickiness. The scent it leaves behind is fresh, fruity and hypoallergenic. Thanks to the hero hydrator: hyaluronic acid, your cell moisture will be replenished.

However, if calming ingredients are your go-to staple, Pretty In Zinc SPF 50+ Dreamscreen sits breathable on the skin. Being 100 percent zinc it can act as an SPF skin saver for anyone who suffers from acne, with its bacteria fighting astringent abilities.

Ultimately, SPF choosings are a matter of personal preference. But if it’s one thing I’m actively learning it’s this: all day, Airyday…wear your sunscreen. And book in that skin check.


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