The Clinique Product Everyone In The Office Is Obsessed With

Now here’s a story from C to well, just C. This story’s all about Vitamin C.

At the start of the year, Clinique launched their Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C. The system includes two separate by equally potent products – a powder cleanser and a booster serum (available to purchase individually), promising brightening, firming and healthy skin benefits.

Long story short: we cannot get enough of the stuff here at Gritty Pretty.

If your skin needs an instant spike of glowiness gearing up to the holiday season, start the 7-day program now. By the way, this post is #unsponsored. As a team, we’re just unanimously very impressed with the product, and think you will be too.


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What can vitamin C do for you?

“Vitamin C is one of the most researched and beneficial vitamins to the skin,” says Communications Manager for Clinique, Angela Raso. “It’s clinically-proven to reverse free-radical damage caused by environmental aggressors (like the sun), help prevent the excessive production of melanin (that leads to sun spots and acne-scarring), brighten complexion, even skin tone and build collagen,” she adds.

The problem is that Vitamin C extremely difficult to bottle up in its purest form because of how unstable it is. It oxidises quickly, degrading over time, making it less potent and eventually ineffective. Creating the outer packaging was therefore as important as the formula inside, says Clinique Senior Vice President of Global Product Development, Janet Pardo, whose four-year-long mission it was to create a minimally-processed product that could deliver the maximum efficacy and power of vitamin C.

What else should you know?

The Vitamin C they eventually went with is man made, which most supplements are, unlike Vitamin C derived from citrus which would need additives to keep them fresh and stable. Of course, it’s safe to use and because it does not degrade quickly, it delivers the most effective results. The booster serum, with its 10% concentration of Vitamin C, touts the equivalent Vitamin C as approximately 12 oranges. Take that!


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How it works

Step 1. Cleasner

You get 7 sachets of the Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser in each pack, recommended for morning use. Combine the ultra-fine powder with water until it lightly foams before applying to skin. It if it smells like citrus, great. You’ve got the right powder in your hands.

Step 2. Booster

Following this, use 3-4 drops of Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%. Apply this to clean skin before OR mixed into your daily moisturiser. Each vial stays fresh for 7 days after you rip open the silver foil, revealing the cap. Press this to combine the Vitamin C 10% with the Soothing Emulsion, featuring Salicylic Acid, brightening Molasses, peptides for collagen production and soothing Algae Extract. The emulsion is Clinique’s solution to irritation and deep-skin penetration.


Gritty Pretty’s Editor, Eleanor Pendleton, says she noticed results within the week. “My skin felt cleaner and it definitely looked brighter.” Although she might not continue to use the sachets (they’re not meant for long-term use anyway, hence sachets), she found the booster serum a very easy addition to her existing routine.

On the other hand, this beauty editor loved the powder cleanser – and wishes Clinique would make it by the bottle. For the record: “I tested Fresh Pressed for seven days while travelling and my skin was wack. Truth be told, I lost the booster on the second day, but still saw dramatic results using only the powder cleanser. I used it day and night for a week (I had two system packs, 14 sachets) and there were noticeable results after one day, peaking at day three or four when my skin was as clear and bright as it would be after an Omnilux light treatment.”


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Have you tried Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System?

Tell us, what other products would you like the Gritty Pretty team to review?


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