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They don’t call it the big blue for nothing: the ocean covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface, holds about 97% of the world’s water, and governs global weather patterns. It’s where the majority of plants and animals make their home.

We can also thank the sea for giving us La Mer. The big blue is where physicist Dr Max Huber found Pacific sea kelp, a particularly nutrient-rich plant that he bio-fermented (along with other natural, skin-loving ingredients like magnesium, iron and vitamins) to form Miracle Broth, the stuff that makes Crème de la Mer so damn good.

As anyone who has tried this cult cream knows, it heals and moisturises skin like nobody’s business. To this day, La Mer continues to only use sea kelp that has been sustainably hand harvested, taking just the blades from the top of the water and never harming the plant.

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Being a thoroughly modern beauty company, La Mer likes to give back to the entity that has given it so much. They’ve been longtime supporters of World Ocean’s Day, which takes place on June 8 every year and reminds us humans just how vital an ecosystem the sea is, and our responsibility to protect and preserve it. La Mer employees are encouraged to head to their local beaches and help with conservation efforts like cleanups and artificial coral planting.

The company also founded the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund, to support the protection of ocean habitats for future generations. This year, the Fund will be supporting conservation projects in three locales –

  • The Azores: located near Lisbon, these nine islands were born out of volcanic
    eruptions, and sit atop some of the earth’s tallest underwater sea mountains
    and hydrothermal vents.
  • Grenada: lush, tropical, and home to pristine beaches, this island is under
    threat from tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • East China Sea: the area is the site of crucial research into how a careful
    balance of biodiversity maintains the species populations that are necessary
    for a healthy ocean ecosystem.

And then there’s the company’s annual awareness-raising initiative, the Limited-Edition Blue Heart Crème de la Mer, a collectors jar that sees the iconic cream housed in sea-inspired packaging. This year, the uber-luxe and display-worthy tub (it’s begging to be put on show, so don’t hide it in a cupboard) features gorgeous coral in shimmering water.

So dive in, do your bit, and help protect our oceans.

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