Anyone that starts their own business is worth admiring. Add ‘mother’ into the mix, and we bow down.

Gritty Pretty interviewed Eva Galambos, founder of long-standing Sydney luxury fashion boutique, Parlour X, in partnership with La Mer’s ‘Women of Substance’ campaign and we were all ears when she spoke about her business (she was a she-boss before she-bosses were a thing), her skincare regime and globe-trotting lifestyle, and doing it all with two young daughters.

The Eastern Suburbs-based fashionista also reveals the one La Mer product she’d recommend to anyone who asks and what exactly it takes to be a ‘woman of substance’ in her eyes. Got five minutes for free wisdom? Keep reading for some pearls.


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GRITTY PRETTY: Fashion and beauty are such different industries, despite the fact that they’re often paired together. At what age did you start to get serious about skincare?

EVA GALAMBOS: Interestingly, since the moment I became an ambassador for La Mer and recognised the sophistication, beauty and educational experience that derives from their products, that’s when I became enlightened by the possibilities of skin health.

GP: When did you start using La Mer and what was your introduction to the brand?

EG: Carli Fowler (of beauty website, The File) introduced me to La Mer more than a decade ago. It is the only product I use on my skin and in my view, is peerless. I travel so much – up to six times a year! – and the flying and changing climates of each city can really affect your overall skin health. La Mer is my remedy and solution for surviving the harsh treatment of a hectic schedule.

GP: What’s the one La Mer product you’d recommend to anyone who asks?

EG: It’s no secret that I am extremely passionate about the Crème de La Mer! It is a product that I love to use, my skin absorbs it whole from my face, décolletage to my hands.

GP: What are you top five makeup essentials?

EG: Makeup always begins with skincare, but my trademark tools are Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, CHANEL Mascara, black eye liner, and tinted moisturiser – and brows by Nathan Williams at Parlour B.

GP: With two beautiful kids and a demanding job, what is your ideal thing to do when you have spare time on your hands?

EG: I must use my time sensibly. I will work from home from the early morning to mid-morning spending time with my girls, Paloma and Alexa until it’s time for school. The best part of my day are those morning cuddles. I always try to return home by 7pm for quality family time, for bath time and before the girls go to sleep. For me, I treasure my weekends where it’s all about the kids.

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GP: For those that don’t know, tell us how you came to start Parlour X?

EG: Having studied fine arts, I always dreamed of being a curator. After several years in London working with Giorgio Armani and Nicole Farhi (French fashion designer), I decided to establish Parlour X in 2001 as a curatorial, multi-brand boutique that showcased interesting designers and emerging brands as works of art in a gallery aesthetic.

GP: It’s an incredible time of change in the Australian and global fashion (and retail) industry. What are you thoughts about what it’ll be like in the next 3 to 5 years?

EG: Well that’s an interesting question, one I ask myself everyday. The landscape has changed so dramatically and keeps evolving. In an unstable environment it is a guessing game for many people. I believe looking back on this period we will be grateful that we persevered. As creatives however, it is making our daily life interesting and keeps us raising the bar.

GP: La Mer’s partnership with you is about ‘Women of Substance’. What do you think makes a woman of substance?

EG: Having a level of self-validation that goes above and beyond being defined by family and friends; anything from professional and personal interests to a hobby. Considering yourself to be an activist and having the desire to fulfil your goals, bucket lists and dreams. Believing that anything is attainable if you persevere and work hard enough.


Watch our full interview with Eva Galambos:





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