She’s a living, breathing and glowing advocate for healthy living.

Now, the beautiful Bianca Cheah (model-business woman-digital entrepreneur) has been revealed as Sukin’s first brand ambassador.

Here, she takes five minutes to bliss out with Gritty Pretty at Sydney’s Clovelly Beach to talk about body, beauty and balance… Her secret? “Don’t sweat the small things in life and never lose site of your goals.”

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Bianca wears: Seafolly Coral Crush High Neck One Piece.

GRITTY PRETTY: You’re an advocate for healthy living. Tell us, what is your go-to work out?

BIANCA CHEAH: My go-to workout is a 30 minute vinyasa yoga workout that I practice at home. It’s like my version of a HIT (High Intensity Training) class as it contains waves of vinyasa flows, repetitions and strong holding poses. I do prefer to exercise outdoors for the health benefits, but I practice yoga indoors so I can focus more easily in a quiet space.

GP: You travel a lot. Do you still make a point of exercising even when in different countries?

BC: Yes! As a frequent traveler who doesn’t stay in one place for too long, jet lag can be really debilitating and can set me back. For me, making the time to practice yoga and exercise helps lessen the feeling of jet lag and leads to a more productive trip.

GP: You’re a big yogi… Can you tell us what your favourite yoga pose is?

BC: King pigeon or scorpion. It’s so energising and enriching – it gives me the biggest rush when I do it!

GP: As well as running your own business (Sporteluxe – an online destination for all things fitness), you’re also a model. How do you tone up quickly if you have a swimwear shoot coming up?

BC: It’s all about balance and moderation. I make sure I am eating clean foods with plenty of lean proteins whilst exercising (power yoga) at least 30 minutes a day.

GP: Let’s talk diet. What do you typically eat and what do you try to avoid?

BC: Breakfast usually consists of a coconut chia pudding and a soy latte. I also snack on almonds. For lunch, I’ll have a protein salad (tuna is my favourite!). And, for dinner, I will usually cook a piece of protein with vegetables.

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Bianca wears: DUSKII Capri Rush Tank Spring Suit & Dior So Real Crystal Sunglasses.

GP: Do you have any vices?

BC: Caramelo Koalas!

GP: Any advice for those who want to become fit and healthier but are a bit overwhelmed or unsure as to where to start?

BC: Start by planning your workouts by setting reminders in your calendar, and pack your gym bag to take to work with you. For me, having a reminder there with you actually does wonders. Most people say they never have the time to work out (and I can understand that as I sometimes struggle with my own work load), but if you have your gym bag ready at your feet, you’ll save time not having to home and not wanting to leave the house again!

GP: Sporteluxe has evolved from being your personal blog to becoming a digital business and publishing platform. How would you describe Sporteluxe now? 

BC: I’m so proud of where we started and where we are now. Those early blogging days were tough, but I really believe if you persist with your passion then the hard work will pay off. I have 7 staff in total now working at Sporteluxe and I hope to see us launch next year into Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE.

GP: How does it feel to be Sukin’s first brand ambassador?

BC: I am absolutely honoured! When Sukin approached me, I was over the moon. We have so many synergies together and the alignment is just perfect. I’d already been using their skincare products for years!

GP: What was it like shooting the brand campaign with fellow digital creative, Margaret Zhang?

BC: Margaret was a dream to work with. We shot at Coogee Beach in Sydney during the very early hours of the morning. Shooting the Sukin campaign was such a breeze! Everything on the day just flowed – it was such an organic experience.

GP: Okay so tell us, what is your morning and evening skin care routine?

BC: I cleanse with Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water morning and night. Before bed, I also use the Sukin Moisturise Restoring Night Cream. At night I also give my skin a facial massage with Sukin Roseh Hip Oil. I also use their body wash in the shower. I love how gentle the formula is.

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Bianca wears: Suboo Black Bustier Bikini & Fella Swim Salvador Bottom.

GP: How would you describe your skin type?

BC: It changes from season to season. In winter, I would describe my skin as normal/combination but in summer, it leans more towards combination/oily particularly across my T-zone.

GP: The one thing you can’t live without…

BC: My mobile phone, yoga mat and Sukin Rose Hip Oil.

GP: What is your number one beauty tip?

BC: Moisturise! It’s so important to protect our skin. Adopting the right skincare routine earlier on in life will assist in preventing premature aging including lines, wrinkles and age spots from occurring.

GP: The best beauty advice you ever received…

BC: From my mother… “This too shall pass…” There is no need to stress because it will all blow over sooner or later. Stress is terrible for the skin and mind. Also, don’t forget to smile!

GP: You view ageing as…

BC: Getting wiser.


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