Beauty Editors’ Top Picks: March 2020

What we’re loving, coveting and “borrowing” from the Gritty Pretty beauty cupboard this month.

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“Working in the beauty industry, I’ve heard a lot of women sing the praises of Crème de la Mer – but until recently, I hadn’t had the luxury of trying it myself. After using Crème de la Mer for a month, I can see and feel the change in my complexion. I now understand why anyone who has used it swears by it. From the warming ritual (you need to rub a pea-sized amount of product between your fingers until it goes translucent) to the luxurious fragrance, I have found the application process to be grounding during the strange times we find ourselves in. In a word: love!”– Sue Hoffman, Brand Partnerships Manager.

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“During these WFH times, fragrance is the perfect way to inject a little bit of luxury (and normality) into your day. You still need to smell nice, even if it is just for you! That’s why I was delighted when the BOSS Alive Eau De Parfum landed on my desk, not exclusively for the chic packaging but also for the dreamy scent. With deep floral notes, rounded out by a touch of vanilla, the fragrance is girly, fresh and bold all at the same time. The hints of plum and apple make the scent perfect for this transitional season, with the jasmine providing a subtle lightness. An all-rounder in every sense of the word, this fragrance has earnt itself a place on my (very exclusive) perfume tray. C’est magnifique!” – Rose Garnett, Editorial Assistant.

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LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL is now one of the few essentials that have made it into my makeup bag for good. I prefer fewer, high-quality beauty products that get the job done and this mascara has taken my previous wand’s place in a heartbeat. It doesn’t clump, it doesn’t flake and it stays put most of my day. It’s given so much volume to my tiny lashes, I am so into this new found plumpness. One evening I pared a few lashings with a CHANEL STYLO OMBRE ET CONTOUR pencil in Electric Brown, which gave the perfect date night eye I’ve had in a while.” – Amie Jones, Art Director. 

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“At $61, Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser is one of the pricier cleansers on the market – but I tell you what, the experience warrants the investment. This PH-balancing gel is gentle as they come and foams up just a little, giving you that super satisfying clean skin feeling. What it won’t do, however, is dry your skin out; packed with ceramides and 11 amino acids, Super Amino Gel Cleanser is both hydrating and calming. It also has a subtle citrusy scent! And comes in a giant 150ml bottle! You’re gonna love it – promise. [On sale March 31 at MECCA.]” – Erin Cook, Beauty Director.

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Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil glides on easily and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Despite being unscented, it has a slightly nutty smell to it (thanks to almond oil). It’s definitely gentle enough to use on the entire family. As we go into the cooler months, I’ll be using this more and more – it’s a quick and easy way to nourish my skin post-shower.” – Eliza Hynd, Head of Partnerships.

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“For the past month, I’ve been using JOICO HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling hydrated, soft and shiny without weighing it down (which is key!). The conditioner is deceiving – when I first saw it, I didn’t think it was going to do the job but despite being lightweight, it provides heavy duty moisture. Win, win.” – Erica Wildey, Business Development Manager.

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