Anti-Ageing Products For Sensitive Skin

Studies over the last decade have reported that 40 to 50% of people suffer from skin sensitivity. A more recent study suggests that number could be  over 75% in some cases.

We also know that the condition is more prevalent in women than men, and here’s the real kicker – the condition worsens with age. Greaaat. So, what’s an ageing woman to do? How does one navigate the world of anti-ageing retinol and acids when skin sensitivity is an issue?

Let’s backtrack a sec: What is sensitive skin? If you think you have it, you probably do. And if you’re unsure, you probably do too. The problem with sensitive skin is that its triggers and symptoms vary from person to person. It can appear visually (redness or swelling) or sensorially (a feeling, like tingling or burning), and all of this makes it challenging to create a one-size-fits-all treatment.

But a growing number of cases and rising self-awareness means big beauty companies are starting to pay attention. No longer simply taking out fragrances, allergens and nasties, these days sensitive skincare is also focused on hydration and bolstering skin’s barrier because once that’s strong, skin is less likely to become irritated and better at processing all those acids and actives you throw at it to get results. Ziiiiing!

Here are some new anti-ageing ranges to try if you’ve got sensitive skin. Or even if you don’t, they work just as well.


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Launched in 2017, Trilogy’s sensitive skincare collection contains anti-ageing antioxidant powerhouse macqui berry in the role of lead, supported by a cast of calming botanicals. The scent of these products is quite different from the OG Trilogy products, so give it a whiff before you buy.


My mum, who is in her early 50s, is constantly in my ear about these products. Prone to rosacea, I can say first hand that this collection has transformed her skin like helium to a balloon. She still gets red in the sun or after a hot shower, but after using these products bone dry, her skin looks plump, hydrated and 15 years younger. Am I your favourite daughter yet, ma?


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If you watch TVSN, you may recognise Genie Beauty. With promising clinical trials and claims like, “increases hydration by 400% in 15 minutes” and “moisturization effects last for 72 hours”, it’s a shoo-in for those suffering from sensitivity and wrinkles due to their skin being constantly dry or dehydrated.


Used by Karl Largerfeld, BIOEFFECT hails from Iceland and is used by 30% of Icelandic women since its conception in 2010. Cool, right? The range, which is engineered by three geneticists, is a fine example of skincare working smarter not harder – with 7 to 20 natural ingredients in each product. Less ingredients = less chance of irritation.


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Joe Lewis – the legend who introduced the world to Alpha-Hydroxy Acids in 1983, is behind Elizabeth Arden Pro. Keep that in mind. Use PRO Sensitive Skin SOS Complex (not pictured) with any “active” skincare routine to reduce redness and build up the skin’s natural barrier.


Whoever said “gentle products” were “weaker” can eat their words now. Granted, not all of Dr Dennis Gross’ products should be used on those prone to skin sensitivity, but if you want to do a brightening and smoothing at-home peel, this is a good way to do it. The two-part wipe ensures skin’s pH is balanced afterwards so skin doesn’t react badly.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Tell us, what are your anti-ageing concerns?


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