Try This Environmentally-Friendly Natural Make-Up Remover – No Cleanser Required

This excellent post is sponsored by Santé by Enjo.

No cleanser required.

If you’re considering simplifying your beauty regimen, searching for natural skincare alternatives, or perhaps even thinking about becoming more more environmentally conscious, Santé By Enjo’s Makeup Remover Set should be high on your radar.


Since they first launched, these handcrafted fabric discs quickly gained traction, thanks to their ability to remove all of your make-up, including stubborn red lipstick and waterproof eyeliner. Eco-friendly, they nix the need for facial wash or cleanser—they provide a gentle cleanse and exfoliation simultaneously with only the addition of water, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Available in three shades, each set contains seven discs (so there’s one for every day of the week), and better still they’re reusable and machine-washable, lowering your carbon footprint even further. Just place them in the laundry bag provided, and pop them in with the rest of your regular washing.

Tell us, have you tried Sante By Enjo Make-Up Remover Set? 


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