June 21, 2022

#NotSponsored: Why Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum Is The Secret To A Glowing Complexion

Photography: Rose Garnett

All hail the OG heavenly hydrator!

There are few beauty brands as iconic as Estée Lauder. Dominating the skincare, makeup and fragrance space since its launch in 1946, the brand has created some of the most iconic and steadfast products the industry has ever seen. One such product is the brand’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex (which is so lovingly dubbed, ANR). Housed in that iconic brown bottle, the silky serum has been spotted on the vanities of celebrities, influencers, journalists and beauty junkies for decades–and for good reason. It is one of those products that is instantly recognisable. Think of it like the Kim Kardashian of skincare products, if you will. 

But what makes it so special? Why do so many people swear by it? And is it worth the $112 price tag? All valid questions, dear reader. Here, we break down why this product is a skincare routine veteran and make a (really strong) case for why you should give it a go. We see glowing skin on your horizon and–frankly–you’re welcome.

advanced night repair review


The Sell: Fast visible repair and youth-generating power. This deep- and fast-penetrating hydrating serum reduces the look of multiple signs of ageing caused by the environmental assaults of modern life. Skin looks smoother and less lined, younger, more radiant and even toned.


The Price: $112 from Estée Lauder.


The Review: When I started out my career as a beauty journalist there were few products I was as excited to try as the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. As an avid follower of Gritty Pretty before even landing the job, I was all too familiar with the cult-following that this product has amassed over the years. After all, it is one of our founder’s ride or die products (thank you for the introduction, Eleanor!).

But with great expectations can come (more often than not) great disappointment, so I was a little nervous to get my hands on my first bottle. Happy to report: there was no disappointing ending here. Almost three years on and I am dedicated to my Advanced Night Repair. I have repurchased it countless times and apply it every single night without fail. Yep, even when I roll in after a few Aperols with the girls! Not only is the formula the perfect texture but the ingredients leave my skin looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and clarified. Formulated with Chronolux Power Signal Technology which helps increase the skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair and boosts its natural production of collagen, this liquid gold intensely hydrates the skin and also works to protect the skin barrier against environmental aggressors during the day. 

The inclusion of hyaluronic acid also helps to lock in moisture for up to 72 hours and leaves the skin looking radiant and plump. I even like to apply a thin layer underneath my makeup in the morning to really elevate that glow. Works a treat and is protecting your skin at the same time! Marvellous! In short, this product really does live up to the hype–and I don’t say that lightly.


The Score: 10/10


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