If buying Australian-made gives you a pang of patriotism, here’s some inspiration for your Australia day long weekend.

‘Tis the sequel to The 5 Underground Aussie Beauty Brands You Need To Know About (a story we wrote that you guys really seemed to like), so here’s five more beauty companies from “down under” making their way up.


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Cinch Skin is quickly making a name for itself with Australia’s top makeup artists for its multi-functionality. Take, for example, Face Cheat(er) Cream Moisturiser + Glow (pictured) which is a five-in-one hydrating moisturiser, dewy illuminator, pore-and-wrinkle blurring primer, and makeup enhancer. Launched in 2016, there are currently three products in their line up that share a total of 11 functions. And, did we mention it’s vegan? Yes, it’s that too.


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You can now proudly say the world’s first 100% active ingredient and 100% natural plant serum started right here in Australia, thanks to Biologi. Its founder Ross MacDoulgald is a chemist who’s worked for years extracting plant extracts for big cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food and beverage companies. He stepped out and launched his own revolutionary line relying completely on natural ingredients because he knew he could do it better. With the science, patents and certifications to prove it, this is one powerful natural skincare brand worth trying if you want to wean off synthetic-made chemicals forever.


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EIGHT BROOK is of the “less is more” school of thought. Their mission is to create products that do more for us in less bottles. Don’t let the simple, minimalistic, black sans-serif on white packaging fool you. Contained within is a  cosmeceutical formula (beauty with medical-grade results!) that uses organic, wild harvested Australian botanicals where they work best. To uphold their rep’, EIGHT BROOK is only available at professional clinics.


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RAWW Cosmetics

RAWW Cosmetics Australian Organics is a range that smells like the organic, fresh foods in it. Always a good sign. The affordable products are proudly free from nasties, instead infusing common-pantry superfoods like Acai, Coconut, Kale, Pomegranate and Goji into their formulations. The brand’s claims – cruelty-free, natural and Australian made and owned – are all officially certified. More good signs.


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Charles + Lee

An idea concocted by two Melbourne lads (with a combined decade of experience in cosmetic formulation) in a dimly lit bar on Flinders Lane (where magic happens), Charles + Lee was born from a desire to make a men’s skincare with the same priority, actives and nourishing ingredients often only privy to women’s skincare. Case in point, the face wash contains AHAs, Goji Berry Extract, Retinol and Grape Seed Oil, and the Moisturiser has Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The range is organic and cruelty free and sounds good enough to rival your exxy skincare, right?


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