January 17, 2024

Our 2024 Beauty Ins And Outs

The hot and not list!

If, like us, you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram and TikTok (more on this bad habit later), you would have seen a plethora of ‘Ins and Outs’ lists since the start of 2024. A way for people to consolidate their learnings from the past year and give their own takes on what habits/trends/beauty products/fashion items they’ll be taking into the next 366 days (and which they absolutely will not be), these lists are as insightful as they are entertaining. And while, yes, we’ll preempt this by saying that the most ‘in’ thing you can do is what makes you happy and feel good (so take this with a grain of salt), we thought it would be remiss of us not to get on board. 

A fresh take on the typical trend predictions that flood beauty and fashion sites at this time of year, these hot or not lists are more tangible and easier to incorporate into your everyday life, in our humble opinions. So, without further adieu, allow us to take you through the Gritty Pretty beauty ins and outs list for 2024.

2024 beauty ins and outs


– Eye cream

– Hair mask before swimming

– Natural hair colour

– Short, natural manicures

– Tinted SPF (sunscreen is always in)

– Essences 

– Bougie body care

– Cuticle oil

– Clear eyebrow gel

– Lip and cheek tint

– Lip liner (in your perfect your-lips-but-better shade)

– Pimple patches

– Aerosol-free dry shampoo

– Two-tone lip colour

– Scalp sunscreens (and scalp care as a whole)

– Individual false lashes

– Perfume oils

– LED Masks

– Lymphatic drainage

– Lash lifts

– Ceramides 

– Double cleansing

– Washing your pillowcases weekly

– Saunas and ice baths

– Quality sleep



– Full coverage makeup

– Slick hairstyles (we know, we know, but they’re breaking your hair and making your hairline recede)

– Washing your hair more than twice a week

– Ultra-laminated eyebrows

– 12-step skincare routines

– Harsh exfoliants

– Hair extensions

– Not drinking enough water

– Eyeshadow palettes

– Lash extensions

– Trying salon treatments at home (let’s leave microneedling to the professionals)

– Micro-trend mania

– Botox

– Jade rollers 

– Missing your neck (drag that skincare down to the chest, girl!)

– Makeup wipes

– Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes

– Changing your look depending on TikTok trends

– Skipping your three monthly haircut

– Over-exercising

– Excessive screen time


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