October 18, 2022

10 Refillable Beauty Brands You Need To Know About

Less money and less plastic? It’s a win, win!

As consumers become more and more aware of their environmental footprint, we’re seeing more and more brands go completely plastic-free. But what’s also great is that some of your favourite brands are now offering refillable options so you’re never without your favourite products. Yet another positive step that brands are taking towards 100 per cent sustainable packaging

refillable beauty brands

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Refills are an amazing sustainable option for your beauty staples as not only do they mean less packaging ending up in landfill but they also mean a more streamlined beauty cabinet. Plus, they often come at a portion of the price of the original.

But many refills come in plastic packaging? You may be asking. And yes, you’d be right. But it’s important to remember that sustainability isn’t just about reducing our plastic consumption but also about reducing your consumption, full stop. A refillable item will contain less plastic, require fewer resources and also means that you’re using the initial vial repetitively. High five!

Zero Co

A brand that has been refillable since day dot,  Zero Co originally started with cleaning products and have since expanded to offer an extensive bathroom range with refillable options for shampoo, deodorant, body wash and so much more! “People want to do the right thing but you’ve gotta make it easier for them to do so,” says Zero Co founder, Mike Smith. Zero Co will actually pay the postage for you to return your empty satchels to them as well, so they can clean them and reuse them.


Australian brand ASUVI was proudly the world’s first company to offer biodegradable deodorant refills. The brand’s signature casing is made from recycled plastic which you purchase once then just purchase the cardboard refill tubes. Plus, the natural deodorant actually works! Unlike others that just mask odour for a few hours, this goes the distance and is also aluminium-free, vegan and cruelty-free.


In exciting news, Go-To has just announced the launch of its first refillable pod for its new oil-free Very Lightweight Moisturiser. The pod itself is made from 80 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic and is rumoured to be the first of many refillable options from the brand. Go-To predicts that they will be able to reduce the amount of plastic jars produced in a 12 month period by over 3000kg simply by customers being able to reuse the outer jars over and over again.


Go-To Very Light Weight Moisturiser

Conscious Code: Packaging (refill), Vegan, Cruelty-Free

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Kora Organics

As part of KORA Organic’s commitment to sustainability, over the next three years the brand is planning to offer refillable options where possible. Currently the brand offers refill pods for a couple of its signature products including their Turmeric Glow Moisturiser and Active Algae Lightweight Moisturiser.


KORA Organics, Turmeric Glow Moisturiser

Conscious code: Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Packaging (refill)

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Larry King Haircare

Trusted by none other than Karli Kloss and Gigi Hadid, Larry King’s hair care range “is committed to providing luxurious and sustainable options for all genders and hair types.” Not skimping on luxury, the products contain a range of natural, plant-based ingredients such as avocado oil and pea protein to leave the hair nourished from cuticle to tip. Plus, the brand offers recyclable refills for all of its shampoos and conditioners.


L’Occitane offer refills for not one but 26 of its signature products. Each refill uses a whopping 85 per cent less plastic than a regular bottle. Refills come in soft plastics which can be returned to L’Occitane for recycling. Plus, the brand also offers in-store refills at its luxurious refill fountains.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury released its refill program, Refill The Magic, in September 2021 as part of its commitment to sustainability. The program, still in its infancy, now offers refills for everything from the Magic Skin Trilogy to bronzers, lipsticks and brow applicators.


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

Conscious Code: Cruelty-Free, Packaging (refill), Vegan

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Emma Lewisham

Another brand that is pushing the limit and moving towards a circular model rather than linear is Emma Lewisham’s Beauty Circle program. Via its global program it is estimated that the refills can reduce carbon emissions by up to 74 per cent. All of the Emma Lewisham range is Toitü Climate Positive certified PAS 2050, where the brand takes back all of its used packaging to be refilled or recycled.


As part of Shiseido’s packaging goal to have 100 per cent sustainable packaging by 2025, we’re starting to see refills pop-up on the brand’s shelves. It estimates that each refill uses up to 95 per cent less plastic, releasing refills for both its Power Infusing Serum and Essential Energy Hydrating Cream. The brand’s flagship store in Japan also offers in store refills and has been testing making products from 100 per cent biodegradable plant-based polymers.


Shiseido Power Infusing Serum Refill

Conscious Code: Packaging

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Sabbia Co

Sabbia Co’s refill range has been such a hit with its customers, it is hard to keep up with demand. Founder Katie Eales explains: “We are now selling almost 90 per cent refills to returning customers. Our return customer rate is currently sitting at 69 per cent which means we have reduced our carbon emissions by over 75 per cent per product.”


Sabbia Co Collagen C Serum

Conscious Code: Vegan. Locally-Made, Packaging

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