Gritty Pretty Real Reviews: PRIORI 21-Day Turnaround

You’d be surprised by how much can change in 21 days.

Research suggests that it takes three weeks for our neural pathways to fully form a new habit, or to break one you’ve been trying to kick. What else can occur in this seemingly inconsequential time frame? A complete skin transformation, courtesy of PRIORI’s 21-Day Turnaround program.

For our most recent Gritty Pretty Real Review, four women of all different ages and skin types (including yours truly) put the program to the test. Using results-driven, cutting-edge cosmeceutical technology, the regimen consists of three in-salon peels, as well as three at-home products powered by LCA, a complex of lactic acid, Vitamins A, C, E as well as Pro Vitamin A, which are used both day and night—the Gentle Cleanser, Skin Renewal Creme and the Barrier Restore Complexe.



If that sounds too pared-back for you, consider this: as a beauty journalist, there’s never a time when I’m not trialling new cutting-edge products and deliberating on the daily which never-ending combinations of said skincare to use; however I saw real, standout results using the 21-Day Turnaround regimen. Here’s what the rest of the trial team had to say…



Using intelligent, corrective ingredients, the PRIORI 21-Day Turnaround program encourages skin cell turnover and renewal, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and improving overall skin texture. As the youngest of the trial team members, I can say that I don’t yet have wrinkles to treat—however, I am mindful of the fact that prevention is key to ensure my skin’s best possible condition as I edge closer to the later half of my twenties. And boy, did I see results—my skin was brighter with my post-acne pigmentation faded, pores were refined and my complexion’s overall plumpness and hydration levels were incredible.

I also saw my fellow trial team members both pre- and post-peel each week, and I can honestly say—hand on heart—from the first peel onwards their skin was glowing, and continued to look more radiant, youthful and healthy with each week that passed. And the proof is in the pudding, that is, the before and after photographs and testimonials of our trial team members.

Whether used as a preventative regimen or undertaken for corrective reasons for mature skin, it’s clear that the PRIORI 21-Day Turnaround program passes the test with flying colours.

DANA, 46




ANIA, 42





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