Bridal beauty can be confusing business, am I right?!

Let’s run through the list: Do you apply your own make-up or hire an artist? When do you get a spray tan? And, how many shades of Hawaiian Glow is considered “appropriate”? Should you buy a new perfume or wear one your future husband already loves? Oh, and more importantly, how do you ensure your skin is pimple-free on the big day?

Whether your big day is approaching or you have the honour of being a bridesmaid at a wedding, you want to look like the very best version of yourself.

“Preparation is key,” says makeup artist, Caitlin Miller. “It should start weeks before your wedding.”

Here, Miller weighs in on what appointments you need to book, when you need to do it and what products are going to be your best friend.


Six months out from your wedding, book an appointment with an eyebrow professional. Unless you’re Brooke Shields and blessed with brows à la Blue Lagoon, they will most likely ask you to grow them out so they can reshape from there. “It’s a scary thought, I know, but its worth the wait,” says Miller. Remember, “Brows lift and frame your face.”


Twelve weeks out, start having regular skin treatments so your skin is G.L.O.W.I.N.G on the big day. Your skin operates on a 28-day cycle so if you have a facial one month out, it’s likely you won’t see a huge difference. Instead, we recommend a course of nine Omnilux sessions for ‘Wow-She’s-Absolutely-Freaking-Glowing’ results.


If you are planning on booking a makeup artist for your wedding, it’s a good idea to have a trial four weeks beforehand. “This way you can test the products they use, discuss looks and amend the small things you wish to change before the day,” advises Miller. Equally, if you are doing your own makeup on your big day, it’s also a good idea to book in with a makeup artist for a quick lesson on eyeshadow blending techniques and how to make your base last from the ceremony to the dance floor. Miller also says, “Watch a few YouTube tutorials, which offer step-by-step lessons.” Lisa Eldridge’s channel is a favourite.


Now is the time to have a spray tan, manicure and pedicure. Soft pinks and neutrals make for a classic nail colour (which you won’t regret looking back 30 years from now). Also, if you’re fair skinned, don’t be tempted by the extremely dark shades. While you might look as if you’ve spent a week in Waikiki, remember, you want to look like your beautiful, natural self.


When it comes to the morning of (pause: EXCITING!) and getting ready with your bridal party, it’s important to stop, appreciate and enjoy the experience – this is your wedding day so enjoy every second. “In the morning, avoid harsh face scrubs so your skin doesn’t become red or inflamed,” says Miller. ” You can, however, use a lip scrub to prepare your lips for a smooth application of lip colour.” Once it’s time to apply makeup, Miller recommends avoiding any cosmetics with glitter. “It will bounce off your photographer’s camera – making you look oily in photos instead of glowy.” Instead, choose a pearl-based illuminator and only use small amounts on the high points of the face. Also, primer is your best friend. “A primer is what will really set your makeup and make it last all night long.” Miller also advises focusing your makeup around your best facial features. “Your groom should be able to recognise you when you walk down the aisle,” she says. Adding, “A good makeup artist should be able to enhance your features, and hide any blemishes in a natural, flawless way.”


For your big day, waterproof mascara is a must; so too is lip liner. After drinking champagne, kissing, and eating all day long, you will find your lip colour every where else bar your lips. “By applying a lip liner first, your lipstick wont bleed or smudge as much as it would without,” says Miller, who also recommends applying lip liner all over the lips – not just along the rim. While you might be tempted to pop a powder into your bridesmaid’s clutch, think twice. “The biggest mistake brides make is carrying a powder around with them for easy application,” says Miller. “Loose or compact powders are great when makeup is fresh, however, after hours of dancing and perspiring, applying a powder over sweaty makeup can cause your skin to look dry and clumpy.” Instead, Miller advises grabbing a tissue or blotting paper and lightly dabbing on the areas that look shiny.

Tell us, have you recently got married?

What were your beauty essentials? Share them below.

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These tips are truly well thought out and following would pretty much guarantee a flawless look. Also that dress is Amazing

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You're going to make a beautiful bride one day Elannor x

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