The Multitasking Natural Foundation We Can’t Get Enough Of

It forms the base—literally—of your makeup.

Today, where so much more is expected of women, making us the ultimate multi-taskers, we in turn want more from our beauty products, in particular core items of our makeup regimen, like foundation.

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We all want our base to do the hard work for us, providing a natural, buildable coverage that also protects. We want our foundation to stay put, minimising the need for constant touch-ups. We want it to feel good, with a breathable finish and a shade that suits our skin tone. And we want it to contain natural ingredients that nourish, care for, and hydrate our complexion.

This is where Guerlian’s L’Essentiel Foundation steps in.

Enriched with 97% naturally-derived ingredients including a combination of mineral pigments and marine and plant actives, Guerlain L’Essentiel is a nourishing concoction, free of silicones, oils and alcohol—think of it as a silky, lightweight throw that gently envelops your skin in the most nurturing of formulas.

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We face so many environmental and technology aggressors that can harm our skin, so here’s where the nutrient-dense, naturally derived ingredients gets to work. White cocoa bean boosts moisture and protects against the ageing effects of blue light, while SPF20 adds a layer of sun protection. Extracts of red algae and tara gums also act as a barrier against pollution but simultaneously allow the skin to still breathe—a rarity in liquid foundations that provide adequate coverage. And, if you needed anymore proof that probiotics and prebiotics are having a moment in beauty, L’Essentiel enlists both in order to keep your complexion balanced, whilst also adding yet another layer of protection.

Importantly, L’Essentiel also improves the condition of your skin over time—these hard-working ingredients are designed to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and even out your skin tone.

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With the aim of creating a luminous finish, L’Essentiel still allows your skin look like skin, which is what we want from our foundation. Designed to be applied with the brand’s compact and travel-friendly applicator brush, it blends seamlessly without leaving any harsh lines and works to enhance your overall glow. And, with an extensive range of 30 shades, there really shouldn’t be any visible foundation on your skin—there’s a hue to suit every skin tone. Buildable in coverage, your skin looks and feels luminous regardless, no matter your preferred coverage.

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It’s for the woman who wants coverage but doesn’t want to look like she’s wearing any makeup at all. It’s for the woman who loves natural ingredients in her makeup, but still wants results.

It’s for every woman.

Tell us, have you tried Guerlain L’Essentiel?

What do you look for when searching for a new foundation?

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