With makeup trends continuing to err on the side of minimal no-makeup makeup (bar contouring, obviously), drawn-on freckles are a great extension of this.

“Freckles are fresh and youthful”, creating the illusion you’re wearing no makeup at all, explains Australian celebrity makeup artist Victoria Baron. They’re effortless and exude personality.

In recent years, we’ve seen this trend plenty on the runway – from two-toned spots speckled prominently all over the face at Preen Spring 2015 to dimensional hard and soft pressed dots across the bridge of models’ noses at Fausto Puglisi Spring 2016 (pictured). Gisele Bündchen regularly dots freckles over her foundation and Kendall Jenner’s drawn-on freckles have been well documented on her instagram (garnering no less than 1.8 million likes).

Baron says it’s a look that can be worn everyday on both women with natural freckles and those who’d like to feign some.

Here’s her three-step guide to make faux freckles street-appropriate:

1. Make sure skin is fresh and hydrated.

This look doesn’t work well with heavy foundations and lots of powder. Start with plump, well-moisturised skin; use a hydrating sheer tinted-moisturiser or BB cream for your base, and avoiding high coverage matte finishes.

2. Take two blunt brown pencils and randomly dot the skin where the sun would hit, from the bridge of the nose to the top of your cheekbones.

Baron likes to use blunt eyebrow pencils. “Don’t sharpen [them] too much. It’s nice if they are a little worn in,” she instructs. “Don’t draw a circle, just place the pencil on your skin and twist”. Accentuate natural freckles by dotting and twisting the pencil on top of them.

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3. Once you have drawn on your freckles, tap your finger over them to push the product into the skin to make them more natural looking.

Where you can go wrong is trying to make them too perfect or too symmetrical. “Remember less is best. Start slow and don’t be heavy handed, the look should be subtle,” says Baron, “and when in doubt, tap them with your finger.”

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Want more beauty tips and tricks? Melbourne ladies, Victoria Baron is hosting a makeup masterclass as part of Highpoint’s Architects of Beauty (6-22 May) on Saturday 21 May 2016. Bookings are essential, visit


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