April 27, 2021

Lizzo’s Makeup Artist Reveals What He Always Carries In His Kit And Why He Never Repeats A Beauty Look

Imagery: Nicola Sevitt / courtesy of Lizzo

This is how he gets Lizzo feeling good as hell.

Let’s be honest, if we could take a peek into anyone’s beauty kit, Lizzo’s makeup artist would definitely make our list. Lizzo, the 33-year-old Grammy Award-winning artist, is known as much for her musical discography as she is for her body positivity and this includes a number of boundary-pushing makeup looks: you only have to visit her Instagram account for proof. From a bright blue pop of eyeshadow to a deep red statement lip, Lizzo isn’t afraid to make a statement with her makeup. So when Gritty Pretty had the chance to chat with Alexx Mayo, Lizzo’s makeup artist, we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Outside of quizzing him on how he first started working with Lizzo and what’s in his kit, Mayo was also kind enough to share with us a step-by-step guide to achieving one of Lizzo’s more recent iconic beauty moments (pictured here). Before you get those makeup brushes ready, there’s one particular beauty product you’ll need to recreate it at home—the I Am Woman Eyeshadow Palette by Ciaté, available from Mecca

When did you first start working with Lizzo? How have you worked together to evolve her makeup looks since?

I’ve worked with Lizzo since 2017. I was referred to her by a colleague. We are always up for trying something new and playing dress up, it’s all about taking chances.

You’ve said that you never repeat a look on Lizzo: why is that?

I was told we never repeat a look and that’s not intentional. I am always inspired in different ways and with so many colours and textures of makeup out there, why do the same thing again? 

What do you always have in your kit when working with Lizzo? 

I always have a great moisturiser, plenty of eye shadow palettes, and a great waterproof mascara.

I want to ask about this makeup look specifically, which Lizzo debuted on Instagram and which we loved. How would you describe it?

This look is something sultry and complementary to her skin tone. We wanted to do something playful but still pop against her skin. 

How can we do it at home?

I started with the eyebrows and used the Ciate Microblade Brow Pen to softly define and add hair strokes to the brow while also filling them in. Next I used the I Am Woman Eyeshadow Palette and started with the shade Marie Curie in the crease of the eye. I then used Hattie McDaniel to deepen the outer corner and lower lash line. I then mixed Marsh P. Johnson and Rosa Parks and used a bit of the Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Spray to mist the brush to create a cream-like consistency and  applied to the eyelid. I applied the Extraordinary Foundation and Dewy Blush and set with the Everyday Vacay Coconut Powder. Finishing off with Smile On Lipstick in Be Kind and one last mist of the Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Spray. 

What would you say is the most important step to recreate this look? 

Having a smooth, even, flawless base makes any eye look POP!


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