August 04, 2021

Why KVD Beauty Is Our Go-To For Makeup Maximalism

by GRITTY PRETTY - In partnership with KVD Beauty
kvd beauty
kvd beauty
kvd beauty
Photography: Edward Urrutia

Life’s too short. Rock the bold lip.

Much like the era of glitz and glamour that emerged after World War One, the post-Coronavirus years are set to be filled with colour, glitter and opulence. It’s the Roaring 20s 2.0, if you will. So, it pays to nail your maximalist makeup look while you’ve got the time. Whether that’s perfecting your dramatic cat eye, practising your precise red lipstick application or deciding which bold blush colour suits you best, our advice is simple: grab your KVD Beauty favourites and hop to it.

Renowned for their high-performance products, KVD Beauty is a mainstay in the makeup category for a reason. Focussing their brand ethos around embracing what makes each of us unique and celebrating what makes us feel the most confident, KVD Beauty’s products are designed to do all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is dream up your perfect makeup look. 

Oh, so you need specifics? Here are five reasons why KVD Beauty is our go-to for nailing makeup maximalism. Bring in the green eyeliner!

kvd beauty

1. Good For You And The Planet

What’s a foundation with all-day staying power without the peace of mind that it’s not compromising the environment? KVD Beauty prides itself on being a world-conscious, compassionate brand. With vegan and cruelty-free formulas, the brand is also working towards ensuring the use of fully recyclable packaging and refillable compacts. With their iconic product, the Tattoo Liner, being their first 100 percent vegan product, the brand has worked tirelessly to ensure every product they produce shares this same ethos. In short, everyone’s a winner!

2. No Need To Reapply

You know when you put on a killer lip colour or perfectly apply your blush to emulate that I-just-got-out-of-the-sun glow and then 30 minutes later, it’s gone? Yeah, that blows. But with KVD Beauty products you need not worry. Born in an iconic tattoo parlour, these products have been formulated with long-wear in mind. Translation: reapplying has become a thing of the past. Whether it’s their Modcon Liquid Gel Blush or any of their lip and eye products, you can leave the touch-up kit at home.

3. Colour Options Galore

KVD Beauty weren’t playing around with their shade selections. With 44 shades available in their iconic Lock-It Foundation (the name says it all), you’re bound to find a colour and undertone that works for you. Plus, with lip and cheek shades a-plenty you can take your look from pretty-in-pink to grungy-in-green in a matter of moments. 

4. Pigment, Pigment, Pigment

When it comes to experimenting with bold makeup looks, one non-negotiable trait that every product must have is pigment. After all, you don’t want to be swiping on an orange cat eye only to realise you have to go over the perfect, precise line seven times for the colour payoff you want. With KVD Beauty, you can rest assured that a single swipe will deliver pigment in spades. Whether it’s their new Epic Kiss lipstick or their Go Big or Go Home Mascara, just know that perfect pigment awaits you.

5. Inspiration Station

With almost six million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that KVD Beauty is the preferred touchpoint for beauty inspiration. With IGTV tutorials showcasing how to nail a maximalist beauty look with ease and images you’ll be sharing, screenshotting and saving for days, the brand prides itself on being a platform for showcasing self-expression and artistry through makeup. If you don’t follow them already, consider this your sign from the universe.


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