CHANEL’s Spring/Summer 2019 Makeup Collection Gives Good Glow

It’s well and truly

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And if you play by the makeup rules, the warmer weather signifies that it’s time to bring out the bold colours. While I would always say break those rules—I have as much time for a red lip in winter as I do in Summer—there is something about the rise in mercury that makes you want to step up your makeup game, particularly in the colour stakes. Think swapping foundation for a glow-enhancing tinted moisturiser, dialling up the luminosity, and working vibrant, juicy hues on your lips and lids—perhaps even simultaneously.

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Which is where CHANEL’s new Spring/Summer 2019 makeup collection, Vision D’Asie: L’Art Du Détail steps in. It was created by CHANEL’s global creative makeup and colour director Lucia Pica, who was inspired by photographic exhibition to South Korea and Japan. As such, the range features a strong East Asian influence, with a play on light and textures, and featuring eye-catching metallic hues and dewy finishes, most notably with the Baume Essential, an entirely new product to the CHANEL line-up. The lightweight translucent balm comes in a sleek stick formula and three natural-looking finishes, and is designed to make your complexion look fresh and dewy—dab it on the high points of your face for serious, non-oily sheen.

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Of course, lips remain a focus, with shades of lush apricot, berry and fuchsia taking centre stage, all in matte finishes, and also the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, which settles to a silky and not-at-all-drying finish on the lips. The fun doesn’t just stop with your maquillage—there’s an opaque magenta-fuchsia nail lacquer that begs to be worn on both tips and toes, and also a staple nude-beige shade that you’ll paint on repeat.

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Vision D’Asie: L’Art Du Détail hits counters January 6th, 2o19.

Tell us, what colours are you summer go-to hues?

Are you adding any of the pieces in the new CHANEL collection to your wish list?


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