CHANEL Launches the World’s First 3D-Printed Mascara; We Rejoice

There’s mascara and then there’s volumising mascara.

The type that not only boosts thickness, but also accentuates each individual lash and creates a fanned-out, false-lash effect. And despite the invention of self-rotating, keratin-filled, and treatment-based formulas that have hit the counters in recent years, I’m not going to BS—the mascaras that actually achieve the above are few and far between. Trust me, at Gritty Pretty, the team and I have tried approximately 1,467 between us.

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Considering a typical mascara has a shelf-life of three months, you want to know that the one you purchase will a) provide you with the aforementioned benefits, b) not dry out a week after opening, and c) completely justify its cost per wear. Which is why CHANEL’s newest mascara innovation, Le Volume Révolution De Chanel, steps in as a new front runner.

It’s the world’s first mascara that has used 3D-printing to create its innovative brush. Yes, you read that right! The Future. As you would know, 3D-printing is now used in various industries, in particular architecture and automotive, however CHANEL actually patented the idea of the 3D brush back in 2007, before 3D-printing became mainstream. Without getting too technical, the way it works is that the brush shape and structure is manufactured by printing multiple layers using a laser beam, and the final product was reworked over 100 times to get it just right.

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The brush itself is actually quite thick in circumference, so if you prefer a super-thin brush then it might not be for you. The reason why it’s thick, though, is because of the multiple bristles and their unique placement—each one is set exactly a millimetre apart so that no lash is left uncovered, and it has a conical tip to reach even even those tiny lashes in the outer corners. The granular surface is also tricked-up—it comes complete with microcavities to ensure just the right amount of product is deposited onto your lashes. And let me tell you, it does this without any clumping, simultaneously minimising the need for you to “pump” the wand, meaning it won’t dry out as quickly. In other words, you might squeeze out a few additional weeks past that three month throw-out rule.

I wear contact lenses, making me a pretty tough mascara taskmaster, but et voilà, no smudging, no flaking, just good lashes, all day long.

In a time where using an eyelash curler can often fall in the too-hard basket (or let’s be honest, the I’m-far-too-busy basket), we’re all about a mascara that does it all.

Tells us, have you heard about CHANEL’s new Le Volume Révolution mascara? Planning to try it?


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