Beauty Editor’s Top Picks – March 2019

What we’re loving, coveting and “borrowing” from the Gritty Pretty beauty cupboard.

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“My fairy skin-mother (aka Gritty Pretty‘s beauty director/executive editor Hayley D’Onofrio) recently introduced me to the world of double cleansing—which, since trialling, my skin has never felt or looked better — so I was rather excited to put my newfound knowledge to the test with Murad’s Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser. This silky-smooth cleanser glided over my face with ease and just the right amount of foamy thickness. After the first cleanse, I checked my skin and it had done as promised, removing all of my makeup, dirt and excess oil. I definitely saw the results of prebiotics and peptides with my skin better adjusting to the formula with repeated use, leaving it feeling nourished and oh-so-clean!” — Aniella Batten, Business Development Manager.

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“With Elizabeth Arden donating ALL proceeds of the sale of this lipstick to support and empower U.N. Women throughout the month of March, the brand’s March On Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick is a must-have in more ways than one. Creamy in texture, it packs a serious punch (pardon the pun), with the vibrant pink shade the perfect pop of colour to complete your makeup look. Long-wearing, with minimal need for touch-ups, I also love the limited-edition metallic pink packaging. Grab one for you and one for a friend, too.” — Hayley D’Onofrio, Beauty Director / Executive Editor.

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“The newest foundation launch from REVLON, the PhotoReady Candid Foundation, is a comfortable, breathable base that I find perfect for daytime wear. My skin actually looks like skin (win) and delivers a natural-looking medium coverage that evens out my complexion beautifully. The lack of silicones, parabens, fragrances and dyes on my sensitive skin—as well as antioxidants and vitamins present in the formula—really cements this as a foundation that protects the skin while visibly perfecting and enhancing it.” — Erica Wildey, Business Development Manager.

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“If you can’t make it to the Greek Islands this summer, play pretend with AERIN Aegea Blossom Eau De Parfum. Inspired by long, hot days sailing the sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, a spritz of this fragrance is perfect for when you need a momentary escape to a sun-drenched holiday. With notes of jasmine, orange flower and my personal favourite, neroli, the scent is cleverly balanced with musk and sandalwood, so it isn’t overly floral. This transportative scent is the perfect daytime fragrance.” — Amie Jones, Designer.

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“With such a runny, watery consistency, The Ordinary’s Amino Acids + B5 seriously floored me when I massaged it into my face. The hydrating concentrate delivers instant moisture, so much so that I felt like I had applied a nourishing face oil minus the grease and tack-factor. It layered beautifully under my makeup, and I noticed that the areas where my makeup can sometimes crack still looked smooth at the end of the day. If you’re at all dehydrated or dry, do yourself a favour and add this to cart.” — Hannah Paul, Editorial & Beauty Assistant.

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“There are candles, and then there are Cire Trudon candles. Crafted in France and housed in Tuscan hand-blown glass, the Estérel Candle is a joy to experience. Luxuriously light, fresh and earthy, with breaktaking notes of bergamot, iris and mimosa (the latter of which was imported from Australia to grow in the French countryside back in the 19th century). If you can’t make it to the Cote D’Azur, then lighting this beautiful candle is the next best thing.” — Sue Hoffman, Brand Partnerships Manager.

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“Being half-Filipino, I have short, straight Asian lashes. I noticed this deep black Sisley So Volume Mascara adds plenty of volume; getting deep into the lash line and inner corners. For extra curl and the illusion of length, I recommend using an eye lash curler before coating lashes.” — Eleanor Pendleton, Editor-in-Chief.

Have you tried any of the beauty buys above? Planning to add any to your shopping list?


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