Fashion designers who also do hair & makeup for their campaigns are a rare breed indeed.

And yet, maybe more designers should consider a D.I.Y beauty approach.

The newly launched spring 2016 campaign by cult-loved Aussie fashion label Zulu & Zephyr features hair & makeup done by its very own designers, Candice and Karla Rose. And what the sister-duo have pulled off, we’re calling a wild success, and what’s more – it’s entirely achievable.

Just take a second to enjoy:

[responsive imageid=’18923′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Zulu&Zephyr[/responsive]

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Photographed by Akila Berjaoui at the Wild Animals Encounters Private Enclosure in Rouse Hill, Sydney (though you’re forgiven for envisaging Serengeti, Africa – we sure did!), Candice and Karla had very clear ideas about what they wanted for the beauty look on this particular campaign: earthy, effortless and natural (actually natural) without any of the pretence.

“We couldn’t imagine our model trekking through the wilderness with lions and elephants as well as her makeup bag. We wanted it to feel real, and that meant the bare basics and working with the elements,” they explain.

The final look features model Shannikah Rae with brilliant golden tan, bushy brows, bee-stung lips and dampened strands reminiscent of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon, if only she’d be stranded on safari.

Frankly, all we see is babe and here’s how you can re-create the look, as told by the ladies responsible:



[responsive imageid=’18922′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Zulu&Zephyr1[/responsive]

“We asked the model to come into the shoot with a touch of warmth by having a light fake tan two days prior. This had worn-in seamlessly by shoot day.

“We tousled oily saltwater through the her hair and lathered her limbs in The Base Body Glow Oil (add a layer of REEF Coconut Tanning Oil for guaranteed shine). For the face, apply a swipe of Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation and a brush of bronzer to complete the look.”

Nature took care of the rest.

“As well as our key beauty products, we worked with the red dirt and the fresh water dam elements to really encapsulate our vision of merging woman and wilderness,” they add.

See the new campaign and shop Zulu & Zephyr here.

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