Want to see if a smokey eye or red lip will suit you – without having to buy it first?

Well, now – thanks to the App Store – you can. Gone are the days of buying a lipstick shade only to get it home and realise that it’s giving off major clown vibes or spending hours trying to perfect your smokey eye only to realise that cool-toned colours don’t suit you at all. Technology has taken over the beauty space and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Allow us to give you a glimpse into the future.

Here, we introduce a new crop of next-level beauty apps to help you up your beauty game. Warning: some of them are addictive!

Makeup Genius by L’Oréal Paris
Makeup Genius by L’Oréal Paris allows you try on makeup without the commitment. With a life-like make-up mirror (trust us – do yourself a favour and try this one next time you’re with your girlfriends!), this app helps you try on everything from a winged liner to red lip while allowing you to watch your style move with your own face and expressions! In fact, it’s so real, it’s almost freaky. You can even share some of your looks in photo or video form on your social media platforms too. Pretending you’re all done up when you’re in fact sitting on the couch in your trackies has never been easier!

Glamazon is a revolutionary new way to discover, book and pay for same-day and next-day beauty services. It’s one of those, “Why didn’t I think of this?”, kind of apps. Simply search for your desired beauty treatment in your location, choose a vacant appointment from one of Australia’s most prestigious salons and add it to your calendar. And, as peace of mind, each salon has been hand-selected to ensure customers have a positive (and glamorous!) experience. So, whether you’ve had a last minute girls night pop up or are in need of that post-fake tan glow, you can rest easy knowing the next appointment is just a click away. Winning.

Amazing Face
AU $4.99
Want to know how to do the perfect sexy-but-pretty smokey eye, or how to choose the best shade of lipstick or eye shadow for your skin tone, or how to curl your hair with a curling tong, or which foundation or moisturiser you need to glow? TERRIFIC! Because all the answers are here, in beauty guru Zoë Foster Blake’s app which comes complete with step-by-step instructions, stunning photography and exclusive how-to videos. If Foster Blake created it, sign us up ASAP!

Beauty Product Reviews
Shopping for a new foundation, shampoo, or mascara (and read Gritty Pretty – sorry, we had to!) and still not sure which one to buy? No biggie. TotalBeauty.com‘s app gives you more than 280,000 unbiased consumer reviews and ratings on 45,000 beauty products. And while, yes, every beauty product works different for different people, some first hand reviews never hurt no one.

Indulge: The Nail Snob
Have you ever gone into a nail salon, had a manicure done, picked the perfect nail polish colour and forgot to check the shade name? Now, thanks to this app, you’ll never forgot another beautiful nail colour again. Simply take a photo of the barcode of the nail polish bottle once you settle on a colour. The app will display the nail polish brand, name and image. And, if there is no barcode available on the bottle, you can search the nail polish info by typing the model number or nail polish name. Genius, huh?


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