“Death to foundation.”

At Fashion Weeks around the world, that’s what makeup artists and fashion designers have been chanting for the past few seasons – that is, until, the new era of weightless foundations hit their hands (and thankfully now ours).

The word ‘hybrid’ gets thrown around a lot but that’s exactly what Dior Diorskin Nude Air is. Equal parts skincare serum, equal parts coverage. Genius, right?

Dior’s bottle wins for a few reasons: it’s free of talc but loaded with nourishing plant oils, vitamins and minerals. Cranberry oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, provides antioxidants to help skin glow, day after day.

As well as that, it’s suede-like finish is insanely popular, has claimed the hearts of many a beauty editor (ahem), and has garnered itself some incredible reviews. On Sephora’s website in the US, user Poppy2017 says “I’m not one to write reviews but I have to for this foundation – it’s absolutely flawless!” That’s a pretty hefty claim, Poppy2017, but you know what? I’m quick to agree. It is flawless. It is so imperceptible that it is invisible – like air.

Like all products featured on this online beauty destination, I put it to the test and was seriously impressed with how easy it was to apply in three easy steps.

The result? A velvet finish that is neither dewy nor matte but somewhere perfectly in between.

Go on, try it.

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To start, apply Dior Diorskin Glow Maximiser Primer to hydrated skin.

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Next, apply Dior Diorskin Nude Air directly onto a sponge – one dropper is enough to cover the entire face.

TIP: Because the texture of this serum-foundation is closer to liquid, it’s best to avoid using fingers or a foundation brush.

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Then, press the foundation onto the skin in dabbing motions.

Dior Diorskin Nude Air is a medium-coverage foundation that goes on light so it can be built up beautifully.

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Tammi @ Tea For Tammi

The photography is INSANELY pretty! Love how a makeup tutorial also looks like a fashion shoot. Fantastic nude palette.

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