If getting a pearly white smile is high on your to-do list, consider this essential reading.

Here at Gritty Pretty, we like our coffee strong, our sushi with extra soy sauce, and when we go for drinks, you bet we’re ordering pinot noir.

Over time, these colours build up, leaving our teeth a little stained which, you know, we’re not too fussed about every other day because Simon Cowell-white is fooling absolutely no one and way too hard to maintain given our aforementioned penchant for coloured foods.

But before an event, we like to restore our humble incisors back to their former glory. So if you’re hung-up on D.I.Y teeth whitening, whether you’re new to the experience or simply looking for ways to better your treatment, here’s a quick dos and don’ts of the basics.

For this, we’ve enlisted the sage advice of Sydney Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Angelo Lazaris, and some of our own team members, who, it turns out, are quite the at-home whitening aficionados – and they’ve got the great whites to prove it!


Skyler Williams

Thank you for your suggestion to make sure teeth are free from plaque and hardened plaque before doing a whitening treatment. I have always had yellowish teeth and am looking to getting them whitened. I will make sure to go to a professional to get my teeth cleaned and whitened to ensure nothing goes wrong during the process.

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