October 22, 2020

5 Minutes With @JaymeJo — Instagram’s Favourite ‘Curly Girl’

We sit down with the performer, influencer and Clarins ambassador.

Finding influencers who promote honesty and authenticity on a platform that is renowned for showcasing a ‘highlight reel’ is refreshing and important — and something that 20-year-old Jayme Jo does effortlessly. With over 450,000 followers on Instagram, the Sydney-sider is known for giving young women a safe space to discuss the struggles of young adulthood, how to embrace your flaws and, of course, how to rock your curly hair.

Recently, we sat down with the Clarins ambassador to chat finding success at a young age, being a role model and why using a serum is her ultimate beauty secret.

Hi Jayme Jo! Most of our readers will know you from Instagram but before we dive into your life (and success!) now, we’d love to learn a bit more about how it began. You landed a role in the famed musical Billy Elliot in 2019. What was the feeling like when you found out you’d secured the role?

I was extremely excited when I found out I had landed a role in my first professional musical. My dream goal had always been to secure a contract in a musical one year after finishing my performance diploma, so to smash that goal and debut felt amazing.


That must have been such an incredible feeling! It sounds like you were supported growing up to chase your dreams, no matter how big they seemed.

Definitely. My parents supported me in every possible way growing up. They let me travel to a performing arts school an hour away at only 11-years-old and even let me leave school after year 10 to study dance and performing arts full time. They really believed in me and gave me every possible opportunity to succeed.


It obviously paid off because you now have a combined social media platform of over 600,000 people. Why do you think so many people resonate with what you’re creating?

I think it’s because I do my best to open up about previous struggles I’ve experienced and how I overcame them, which helps them do the same. My hair, growing up, was always my biggest insecurity but when I truly learnt to love it I felt so free and I love helping my followers feel the same way. My aim is always to uplift and encourage my followers to believe in who they are and to not change that for anyone.


Could you tell us a little more about your journey to self-love? What would you say are your top three tips?

First and foremost, know you have a purpose on this earth. Secondly, remind yourself daily that you are so incredibly unique and special. And finally, love comes from within so make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


Moving on a little to your beauty routine, or more specifically, your hair care routine – what are your favourite products for your curly hair?

It’s so hard to narrow down my favourite curl products! But I am definitely obsessed at the moment with Bondi Boost’s Curl Boss range, John Frieda’s Dream Curl Mousse and my Denman Brush.


What does your morning skincare routine look like?

My morning skincare routine can be a little all over the place! I always start by cleansing, then I apply my favourite serum, which is the Clarins Double Serum, and then I usually follow up with a different moisturiser everyday because I have so many that I love! Oh, and I never forget SPF.


You’ve been quite vocal about your love of Clarins Double Serum for quite some time now. What makes this product unique?

The Double Serum is so special — it’s like liquid gold! I just love the way it hydrates my dry skin and makes it glow. There is nothing out there like it! I also think it stands out because it’s easy to use, does what it says it will and makes me feel confident and ready to tackle any obstacle.


What does your everyday makeup routine consist of?

I love the Fenty Pro Filter Concealer and wear it most days for a bit of coverage. Then I’ll add the Benefit Cosmetics Benetint to my cheeks for a youthful flush and finish with the Nars Lipstick in shade Tonka.


To wrap up, we would love to know what advice you would give to other young women who are trying to break into the creative industry?

My advice is always to trust your gut. That and making sure you don’t hold back. It can be quite daunting to put yourself out there but trust that you and your gifts or ideas are special enough to be seen!


That is some great advice (most of which we wish we’d known ate 20 years old). So, as our final question we would love to know where you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from my family and my heritage. I draw so much inspiration from the beauty of my Lebanese culture. I also am always inspired by other amazing creators being themselves and pushing boundaries.


Thank you Jayme Jo! We can’t wait to chat to you more during our Glow Forum Virtual Event.


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