Beauty Talk: Hailey Bieber

When Hayley met Hailey.

It has been two years since Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) appeared on the cover of Gritty Pretty Magazine, and if anything, the model has gotten better with age. Her hair, healthy and flowing, her skin, flawless. You could say that six months after her wedding  to Justin Bieber, married life is agreeing with her.

I had the opportunity to interview Hailey when I was recently in Los Angeles at the launch of BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick, which landed at Mecca Cosmetica this week. As a BareMinerals Ambassador, Hailey was in LA for a number of press interviews, and also a makeup masterclass with celebrity makeup artist and one of the brand’s global ambassadors Nikki DeRoest.

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We settled into comfortable chairs upstairs at the Hamptons-esque Lombardi House in Hollywood, where Hailey greeted both myself and Gritty Pretty’s creative director Morgan Tait. After throwing around the inevitable questions Australians get asked about jetlag—four days into our trip, the fog was still very much real—we talked makeup, and more specifically, her partnership with BareMinerals. “My mum used BareMinerals when I was a kid, so she’s [basically] used it my whole life,” explains the 22-year-old. “I felt like it was a familiar brand to me, I know they are really clean products—that’s the main thing I look for in the products that I use—so that was what drew me to the partnership in the first place.”

As someone who prefers to use natural beauty products, Bieber is excited about the new Complexion Rescue Stick because unlike the vast majority of foundation sticks—which have the reputation of appearing heavy and often possess a drying texture—the formula harnesses the benefits of hydrating volcanic sea water and red algae and offers a lightweight, buildable finish. “I love that its hydrating, and the [ingredients] are actually really good for your skin in general, so you’re putting it on but you’re not worrying about if it’s going to make you break out,” she says. “I like the fact that if you want to put a little bit on you can, or if you really want to layer it on, you can, but it’s never cakey. You can also just put it under your eyes, or I also use it to a contour on my face.”

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Here’s what she had to say on her beauty essentials…

Gritty Pretty: What does your everyday makeup routine consist of?

Hailey Bieber: “I use the Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick because it’s the perfect product for my skin. It’s super hydrating. I use that in the spots that I think I need it. A little bit of powder, eyebrow gel, mascara and a little bit of [colour] on the cheeks, and a little glow. I know it sounds like a lot of steps but I can do my makeup in five minutes.”

GP: What about when it comes to the red carpet—do you have a signature makeup look?

HB: “I definitely do it up more because I like to play when I’m on the red carpet. Depending on the event you might get to wear a cool dress, and you get to wear different looks or match your look to the makeup. It’s really fun for me.”

GP: Do you follow a strict skincare regimen?

HB: “I’m pretty strict with my skincare regimen. I know there are some people who fall asleep with their makeup on and they’ll wash it off in the morning and that’s fine but it’s not for me. I just don’t think that’s healthy—I would never go to bed without washing my face. I always use a good moisturiser because my skin always gets really dry, especially in the winter. When I travel I just find that I have to have something [hydrating] with me on the plane when I’m flying, as an extra barrier.”

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GP: What is the best piece of beauty advice you have been picked up from your makeup artist?

HB: “I’m always asking [makeup artist Nikki DeRoest] about products, what she recommends for hydration and what she loves. She is got me onto the [Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion] actually, because she has great skin. She always looks so glowy, fresh and beautiful, and she’s a little bit older than I am so I like to know what she has been using. I also always pay attention to how makeup artists apply makeup—Nikki uses her fingers and some people probably don’t want people touching their face but I actually don’t mind it because I think it gives a more natural finish. Nikki is great, and she is chock-full of good tips!”

GP: If we were to take a look inside your makeup bag, what would we find?

HB: “Well I’m not going to lie because they aren’t all BareMinerals but the majority of them are! The Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick, the BarePRO Glow Highlighter, there’s probably lots of them lying them around! I definitely use the Bare Mineral Veil on a daily basis—if I’m wearing makeup that day, it’s [always] part of my routine! I also love the brand’s lipgloss, they’re great, and I also love a stick highlighter, a good eyebrow gel, a good mascara, and a lip balm—I love Vaseline.”

Have you tried BareMinerals? How important are natural ingredients in your skincare?


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