Beauty Talk: Chriselle Lim

The fashion blogger welcomes us into her home.

Here at Gritty Pretty we’ve been long-time fans of Chriselle Lim—and I told her so when I met her for our Gritty Pretty Magazine shoot at her home in Los Angeles. Personally, I’ve always loved her approach to beauty and her incredible sense of style, but most of all her down-to-earth nature and real-girl talk.

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It has been nine years since Lim created her blog The Chriselle Factor—with a background in fashion styling, Lim would upload photos of her outfits each day and create YouTube videos complete with styling tips. Her business has since expanded—or should we say exploded; Lim now leads a team of 13 in an office in downtown LA, which encompasses not only her blog but her YouTube channel, and also CINC Studios, her production company, where her team produces content for brands and Lim serves as Creative Director. And if that wasn’t enough, Lim also has her own fashion line, The Chriselle Lim Collection, of which the Spring line launches this week on March 21st.

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One glimpse at Lim’s walk-in-wardrobe reveals her favourite fashion pieces—she counts Christian Dior, Valentino, and Chloé as some of her favourite designers—but her love of beauty, skincare and fragrance is evident, too, via her expansive collections on display. “I spend a lot of time [in the closet] at night once the kids are in bed,” says Lim. “I really prioritise and focus on my skin, because 95% of the time, especially if I’m not shooting, I won’t wear makeup,” she says. “In the evenings, I used to do a whole ten-step Korean skincare regime, but after having [my second daughter] Colette, I’ve condensed that down—sometimes it’s just not necessary to do that many steps!”

With two young children (Chloe, four, and Colette, five months), multi-tasking products are a must-have, she explains. “I really look for dual products—for instance, a moisturiser than can be used as a mask, or a serum that doubles as an oil. I’m also pretty religious about masking; I do a clay mask at least twice a week because I have slightly oily skin, and then I try to do a moisturising sheet mask everyday or every other day. The clay mask can dry me out so I’ll always do a moisturising mask afterwards—I love the Charlotte Tilbury Clay Goddess Mask—it doesn’t get hard like most clay masks and it’s so nice, light and effective. The application [process] and taking it off is so easy, which is so important. Sheet mask-wise, I used to use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask a lot, but right now I’m trialling a lot of different types.”

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