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There’s nothing like a coffee or an imminent holiday to perk you up, but if you still aren’t feeling 100 after the fact, there’s apparently nothing like an intravenous vitamin (IV) drip to do the same. Yes, we just compared getting an injection to a holiday. IV drips or vitamin infusions are exactly that – liquid vitamins injected into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system so that its absorbed without interference for instant results. It’s still something of a luxury service in Australia, but overseas, it’s a celebrity favourite shortcut to cure hangovers, jet-lag and to bolster immunity. Chrissy Teigen for President, anyone?

Our team of editors put their bodies (specifically arms) on the line to test out this treatment and here’s our verdict on the beauty benefits:


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10 Henrietta Street, Double Bay NSW 2028 | 1300 092 576
Reviewed by Eleanor Pendleton, Editor-in-Chief
Treatment: Vitamin C, B and B12
Cost: $120 – $500

“The day before embarking on a 45-hour journey from Sydney to the Swiss Alps, I had an Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy treatment. For the record, my fear factor when it comes to needles is pretty high. A blood test or immunisation shot makes me queasy at the best of times so naturally I felt nervous in the lead up. Upon entering Cosmos Clinic though, the open and airy decor instantly made me feel at ease. At the beginning of my appointment, I was talked through the entire process: what vitamins I would receive (Vitamin C, B and B12) and the side effects I would experience: increase in energy, brighter eyes and skin. As I tried to relax on the bed (magazines to keep me distracted), the needle was injected into my arm and the vitamins quickly started circulating in my system. It wasn’t until the end of the treatment (45-60 minutes) and I stood up that I realised I felt a little lightheaded. I was told to drink A LOT of water afterwards – I was parched! There were no visible effects immediately post-treatment but after a nightmare journey to Geneva (including a 10-hour layover in Paris), I arrived without an ounce of jet-lag and my skin wasn’t dehydrated within an inch of itself. And, yes – I’m holding the IV responsible!”

IV drip before or after the holiday season? After the holiday season when your body has reached its maximum alcohol and Christmas ham intake, an IV drip would be an effective pick me up. Ensuring your body has adequate vitamins from the inside out is the main aim so I recommend taking BEAR Journal vitamins daily.

What’s one thing people should know before getting an IV drip? Do your homework and only book in with a medical professional. The doctors and nurses at Cosmos Clinic are medically trained unlike some other facilities where they are not.


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Jl. Petitenget 12 Seminyak, Bali 80361 |
Reviewed by Morgan Tain, Creative Director
Treatment: Vitamin B & C
Cost: Prices start from 500,000 IDR (~$50 AUD)

“I went for my IV Vitamin infusion after an overseas wedding in Bali so saying I felt rundown would be an understatement. I didn’t know what to expect, but had been told the treatment would kick-start my body. The needle was a small, quick pinch and didn’t hurt. Then there was a cold rush on entry of the catheter. The team of doctors and nurses at EDEN were accommodating bringing me green smoothies from KYND Community, which calmed my nerves and made me feel comfortable the entire time.”

IV drip before or after the holiday season? I would do this pre and post, but if you’re prone to getting run down, it’s good to make sure you’ve got the right vitamins after the holiday season so you can get straight back into a busy schedule.

What’s one thing people should know before getting an IV drip? Drink plenty of water and relax. The more you panic, the scarier the experience feels and you miss the moment where you get to sit back and reenergise.


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St James Trust Building, Suite 401/185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 | (03) 9388 9500
Reviewed by Wendy Hoang, Beauty Editor
Treatment: Vitamin C & B12
Cost: Prices start from $249, and $349 with Omnilux.

Having had IV vitamin infusions before, I was more excited than nervous going into my treatment. They work a treat on me because when I’m busy, I often become malnourished without realising and my sleep suffers. At Duquessa, owner and Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner, Katherine Millar-Shannon, tailors the vitamin cocktail to suit your needs – she also gives you Omnilux at the same time. Without fail, I’m given vitamin C for immunity and a B12 booster for energy. Depending on how malnourished I am, I can even feel the vitamin C boosting collagen under my skin. The next day, my skin appears brighter and firmer, and the whites of my eyes look more vibrant and I feel like I’ve caught up on all my sleep. The whole treatment takes about an hour as the liquid drips into your arm. I’m quite petite so the effects last me a bit over a week.”

IV drip before or after the holiday season?  I’d only ever pay to get it before periods of high stress – project deadlines, family holidays, long flights, renovations, etc. It’ll give your body the nutrients it needs to get through it and not feel completely burnt out by the end.

What’s one thing people should know before getting an IV drip? Time the treatment a day or two out from when you really need that pep-up. The visible effects usually last about 1-3 days, and you get the immunity benefits for a couple of weeks.


Tell us, have you tried an Intravenous Vitamin drip before? 

Would you be keen to try one?



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